Computer Confirms Addiction To Handbags

  1. Something is up with my desktop PC lately being slow so I had a Tech look at it for a "tuneup". I'm fanatic about maintaining a clean PC and have the best antivirus and antispyware and scan all the time - also worked for a company that repaired PCs so I know the "cooties" that can get picked up.

    So...there I am watching the Tech dump my temporary internet files which were in thumbnail picture form, basically what he saw was page after page after page (after page.....) seemingly without end (!!!!!!) of HANDBAGS!:shame:
    This guy must think I have some serious issues :biggrin::blink::lol::biggrin::blink:!!

    there were a few shoes and some jewelry in there too...
  2. LOL! I cleaned out my cache just today in fact!
  3. hilarious!! need to check mine now....
  4. Lol, I clean mine daily. People would think I am sick!
  5. Oh my gosh!!! That is too funny.
  6. :lol: :lol:
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: I clean out my temp files every now and then, I bet they look a lot like yours :P
  8. :lol::lol: LOL!!! That is sooo funny!!! XD
  9. I don't get on from work because a) I don't have time, really and b) there's no way I want the very pragmatic midwestern research scientists I work with to catch a glimpse of my personal obsessions (handbags and jewelry). They'd never let me live it down, even though I think it's a nice, perfectly healthy capitalist urge. lol.
  10. :lol: I totally agree!!! hehe :love:
    I usually get on PF through my computer or through my phone! lol
    But definitely not public computers
  11. That made me smile! Great post kitskats.
  12. It's so good to know that others have my illness...but I only surf for bags from home!! :smile:
  13. LOL my "desktop" as opposed to my "laptop" - not at work - I'm looking at this at home ;)
  14. ahahahahhaah, so the techie now know that u love bags.... heheeh, oh well, no worries, its just bags, some of the ppl they go to have porns on their comps.. so urs is still safe.. even if its an addiction.. lol
  15. ^^^ I so agree. I think they'd rather see bags than see thumbnails and thumbnails of porn. Maybe it's just me though. This one woman I work with gave me a zipdisk that supposed had this file we needed for work that her husband had saved and it had so much porn on there that I couldn't look any further for that file. I was so mortified and I never felt the same way about her and especially her hubby again.

    Did the tech say anything about all the pics of handbags?