Computer advice needed-memory upgrade

  1. Thought maybe someone can give me some input here.

    we have a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop. I want to install some more memory in it and called Dell and found out 512MB of RAM is $82.95 with them, free shipping.

    Now, I looked around on the web and have found a few sites that say they sell Dell compatible memory and these sites are about $20.00 to $30.00 cheaper than Dell, also with free shipping.

    I would like to save the money. Does anyone out there own a Dell and have you bought memory or other things from companies other than Dell? or, has anyone ever dealt with any of the following?:

  2. i've never bought anything for a dell but are reputable and i've bought from them many times and recommended them to friends too.
  3. It doesn't have to be directly from Dell for it to work :smile:
    I went online to find out exactly what my presario needed, and then shopped around! I got a great deal at CompUSA, actually.
  4. Newegg and Tiger Direct always have killer deals on memory. Takes about 5 minutes to install too.
  5. Try NewEgg ... Can't beat the prices. The only time I added memory, my computer went belly-up. I am not sure if it was user-error, although I checked the specs and bought the right memory. Make sure you get the right kind.
  6. and Tiger Direct are good.
  7. wow $83 for 512mb of ram is way too much. like everyone said, check out for ram. a 512mb stick should go for about $40-50.

    corsair, crucial, kingston, ocz, mushkin are some good brands. doesn't really matter which speed you choose, pc2700 or pc3200. it won't matter on your system. just get the cheaper one.
  8. Thank you all!

    And, michelle, I look forward to the advice from your computer geek boyfriend too-thanks!
  9. TigerDirect is really good too Denise. Hope it works out.
  10. You can go to best buy and buy it there, so they can install it.
  11. hi bf said that $83 is way too much for 512mb. he said that you can get 1gb for half that price. he said look on Newegg.
  12. Crucial is good. I just bought my memory from them and it came a lot sooner than I expected. Don't forget to buy it thru ****** also so you can get your rebate.
  13. Make sure you click the Sale and Clearance links before you buy! I recently got an email from Tiger Direct selling 512mb for 20 bucks.