CompUSA - Half of Stores Closing

  1. For those of you looking for deals on items that NEVER go on sale, CompUSA is closing half it's stores. Check to see if your store is closing. Right now it's only 5% off but if you are looking for an IPOD or something that doesn't ever get discounted, now is the time to check.

    I got an IPOD 30 and DH tried looking for some BOSE stuff but they didn't have any BOSE.
  2. 5% was the amount off the IPOD. Other stuff is 10%.
  3. I went and balked at the deals. 5% on Apple laptops? You can get better deals from Amazon (no tax/free shipping, $100 rebate) or from the Apple Education site. Maybe as the sales progress the discounts will go down even further.
  4. The discounts will increase as they get closer to closing. DH said the clerk told him 2 months until they close.
  5. Is there a list to know of which stores are closing? or is just luck of the draw?