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  1. I feel totally depressed and want to buy something..
    There's a Foresta Bambinone on eBay right now... oh so cute... if only I could justify spending the money...

    Foresta, Pirata, or Adios Star in bambinone?
    Pirata kinda has too many girls on it... I don't like the girls at all, really... =/
  2. FORESTA! im bias
  3. Adios star looks choppy on Bambione. Get Foresta! Plus the AS will rub on your clothes and you'll get dye transfer.
  4. yah I'd go with the foresta too!
  5. All those prints are kickass. Hard choice. I guess I would first go with Foresta.
  6. Foresta!!!! :biggrin:
  7. I am in a spending mood too..I keep checking to see what has been put on eBay...must buy something today!
  8. I say to get the foresta bambinone on eBay right now so I don't! ;)
  9. my vote...FORESTA- is the auction over?
  10. Go ahead! I don't really want to pay that much for a bambinone (it's so much smaller and I know I can get them cheaper from SH) even though Forestas are hard to come by, I really am craving Adios Star... :yes: