Compliments on your RM bag

  1. Hi all! Anyone receive compliments on how good their RM bags look when they bring them out for the day/night? Please share!
  2. This is a nice thread! I receive compliments on my Glazed Almond Matinee all the time. Yesterday I got comments from two of my coworkers, my boss, my friend, and my doctor!

    My doc said she liked it because it looks like you could just take it and run away for the weekend.

    My coworkers commented on the unique flaps and the quality of the leather.

    My boss said it looked expensive and gave me a hard time (jokingly) of how I spend my paycheck!! LOL
  3. all i get is

    "that bag is huge!" or
    "how much did ya pay for that?!?!" or
    "another bag?!?!" or
    "that bag looks really heavy!" no, no compliments!
  4. i got my MAM pretty early on and i brought it w/ me to Nordstrom once and an SA told me the bag was beautiful and asked what brand. i told her RM and she was like :confused1: so i had to tell her that she wasnt a "big name" yet...but a few days later, i see them carrying RM bags! s:huh:o...hopefully she knows who RM is now :okay:
  5. Haters! :yucky: That's terrible pursegrl, I'm sorry you haven't felt the love. But, you know you can always come here and WE'LL all admire your RMs!!
  6. The first time I carried my black MA into work, my coworker told me she loved my bag. :smile:
  7. thanks balihai88! :love: They're all just jealous!!!!!
  8. Oooh nice idea for a thread! Sharing the RM love! :smile:

    I receive compliments whenever someone sees my Glazed Espresso Matinee for the first time, and there are those who compliment it EVERY single time they see it. They love the leather, the color, the quality and the shape! I've also received compliments on my Emerald MA and the Wine Get Away Tote. Pretty much win-win for me with RM :smile:
  9. My (male) colleague always teases me about the many bags that I buy. But when I first brought my cream MAM to work, he was like "That is a nice bag!! Where did you get it from?" My boss loved it too! And my friend obsessed about it so much, she eventually went on the RM website and bought herself the almond MA. Yay for RM!
  10. LOL, the only compliments I get on my RM's so far are from the wonderful ladies on TPF!
  11. I get a lot of compliments on my Nikki and on my Matinee. I've gotten a couple of compliments on my MAB - but more often than not I get stuff like, "that's awfully big", and my personal fave(from a woman I barely know) - "is that a purse or a suitcase?" :rolleyes: Nice, huh? I've only carried the No Strings clutch once, but did get a couple positive comments.

    But the people around me are really starting to get used to the name Rebecca Minkoff - they know it's my new obsession. In fact, every time my hubby sees a different bag on me, he says - "is that a Minkoff?" - cute that he remembers.
  12. I get the same mostly! Except a stewardess admired my Nikki.
  13. I get a lot of women staring at my matinee, but only a few say anything. Mostly to ask what it is. I guess that's a compliment? The other day a girl asked me if it was a Rebecca Minkoff, though.
  14. I get tons of compliments on my Glazed Espresso Matinee. The SA in Nordies said, "I really know my bags" when she looked at it. At the time I was buying a Patchwork Venteia MJ.
  15. I've had my MAM in wine for a couple weeks now and I have gotten a lot of compliments - I love it! I took it to a couple parties and everyone loved the soft leather and the colour. My co-workers think it's smashing and my friends want RMs too! A couple days ago, I was at the dentist and she said it was a gorgeous bag! :smile: