Complimenting strangers on their shoes

  1. Do you do it? Would you do it? Has it been done to you?

    I always drool over other women's shoes and I LOVE it when I see a woman walk past in beautiful or sexy shoes (even if I'm envious:p). But only a couple of times have I said "nice shoes" or something in passing like that.

    Recently I almost had a heart attack at a women's TDF pointy purple stiletto pumps because I've been mildly obsessed with purple shoes lately and the line between super-hot and tacky in this style is a fine one, yet the situation wasn't appropriate for me to approach her. I've been regretting it ever since and it got me thinking.

    Also, do you have problems telling someone where you got your shoes from or what brand they are? I have one friend who pretends she forgot or lies because she doesn't want anyone else to have the same shoes as her (:rolleyes::s)
  2. I'm not really big on this, unless it's a friend. And most of my friends aren't as stylish as me, so it still doesn't happen to often!:p

    I don't generally have a problem with telling people where I got something and the price, though.
  3. I have complimented and been complimented,

    On telling brand or where I got my shoes, that depends on who is asking and what my relationship with that person is. For other shoefans, I don't mind telling, but for people who don't get/aren't into/can't afford $700 shoes, I don't tell them I'm wearing Blahniks.
  4. i rarely see anyone that has nicer shoes then me (not trying to be cocky) so i never really compliment anyones shoes. I do compliment other things.
    I happen to get a lot of compliment on my bubblegum pink cl's random ppl walking down the street will say they are tdf.
    The other day a lady walked by me on the street and told me my shoes were gorgeous and that what u call a pop of color. It was so sweet of her. I get so happy when ppl compliment them. One time i was at the mall and sitting on a bench and some girl yelled from the other side that my shoes were hot.
  5. with regards family, i would tell them where i got them, just not the cost. they would freak if they knew! with friends, tell them everything. and i don't have a problem if they get the same ones as we have the same taste and i am sure, if i bought the same as them they wouldn't mind either. i love it when they share and i feel the love back at me when i share. with regards strangers, i would only tell if they are being nice about it and yes, i compliment them if i see a pair tdf , i have no shame!
  6. :tup:
  7. Depends on the situation but I wouldn't be afraid to give a compliment. Re. cost that would depend too. I rather not mention it to co-workers or family, they'd think it was too much.
  8. Me too. I know what it feels like to receive a compliment on shoes, so I wouldn't hesitate to give one. And, I don't discuss cost with family or coworkers. They all have an idea about my willingness to buy high end shoes at full price, but not the exact amount.
  9. I'm kind of like this^^^. I will tell someone the designer, but I won't tell them where I got them from. I don't want anyone having the same thing I do. LOL If someone asked me how much my shoes cost, I tell them "More than a car paymen". :okay:

    I always give compliments to people whether they are strangers or not.
  10. I do it all the time, its a great way of showing appreciation and I have never ever not had a good response back. Lets face it, who doesnt like being complimented on their personal taste. I have funnily enough been complimented on my shoes more by men than woman, but I always feel really pleased when somebody says something :smile:
  11. I think it depends where I am and who I am with. I remember I was in Harvey Nichols and a girl was trying on Stella McCartney shoes. I couldn't stop staring at the poor girl. I was fascinated and jealous at the same time because she could walk perfectly in them, and I could even dream of wearing them. So I did compliment her on her shoes and she decided to buy them! hahaha :smile:
  12. I am always complimented on my shoes by strangers, I dont think I would walk up to a stranger and do the same thing though unless I talk to them about something else first. I even had someone walk up to me with his GF and ask me to sell him my shoes on the spot. I refused just because I didnt feel like any amount of money would be adequate for me to tolerate walking barefoot for the rest of the evening. :p It was cute though for him to want to get his GF the shoes on the spot just cause she said she liked them....

    I dont usually tell people how much I pay for anything but if they ask for the brand I will tell them.
  13. Even if I told someone I knew what I paid or where I got a shoe, they would never be willing to buy it unless it was on sale at payless prices. My problem wouldn't be having the same thing as someone else, it would be the criticism of spending as much as I do. No one I know has an interest in high end shoes.
  14. I get & give compliments all the time! No stranger has ever asked me what price or where I've purchased them. They do however ask about the designer.
  15. I have gotten compliments on my shoes and getting compliments is always nice.

    I have asked a few times when I saw something that was TDF. It usually occured when I was looking for a similar shoe.

    One time the person seemed flattered and told me they were from Macys. The other time the person told me the designer and seem to think it was stange.

    Personally I don't mind sharing the designer or place. I just won't disclose price since I don't want to get a comment back about how much I spent.