Complications with Manhattan GM...

  1. I am thinking about purchasing the Manhattan GM instead of the Alma Voyage MM. I have tried on both of these bags and each have their pros and cons.

    The Pros for the Manhattan GM:

    1) I absolutely love the size and feel of the bag.
    2) The design is exquisite and just what I am looking for.
    3) You don't see too many people with one ;) lol.

    The Cons for the Manhattan GM:

    1) I am nervous about the strap in the middle that goes to the back, because of being in a rush and not being able to open it.
    2) The strap in the back may rub against my clothes and I don't want it to start turning black, like my Abbesses that I just bought 2 months ago :sad:

    The Pros for the Alma Voyage MM:

    1) It is relatively cheap for the size of the bag.
    2) The design is very versatile and elegant.
    3) It could be used as a large bag or a travel bag.

    The Cons for the Alma Voyage MM:
    1) It may be too big and will draw extensive amounts of attention to me.
    2) I won't be able to find anything in it, if I use it as an everyday bag.

    Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? :sad:
  2. The voyage is too big to carry as a bag imo... although it is a great piece of luggage!

    I have the manhattan gm and the only COMPLAINT that I have is that the bag is so darn heavy! I leave the strap done. It does have a mark in the middle from a deoderant incident. I put the deoderant on with a sleeveless shirt and like an idiot ran out the door and threw the bag on my shoulder without thinking about it, DUH!