Complicated situation- Need advice (paypal, but non-ebay)

  1. OK everyone, I could use some opinions on how to handle this. I have an internet acquaintance who sometimes buys things for me from outside the US. I always pay by paypal and I have had no problems. BUT, this person found a bag for me that I had been wanting and purchased it from a local seller and I forwarded a paypal payment to my acquaintance. She sent the bag, but when I opened it, I knew. It's fake. Now I'm torn. I certainly expect my money back but I don't know how to handle it. Should I open a claim with paypal? I feel terrible since this person, who obviously had good intentions and didn't know, would be the one who has to try to get my money back and would be accountable to paypal and/or my cc company. And there is a language and location barrier, so I can't deal with the original seller of the fake directly. She told me to send the bag back to her and she'll negotiate with the original seller, so I don't know if I should (through DHL with tracking, of course) and wait to open my paypal claim. Or bypass paypal altogether and go to my cc company if I don't get results in a couple weeks? What would YOU do? :s
  2. Hmm...:confused1: this is a sticky situation. Perhaps your acquaintance can negotiate with the seller for a return/refund first, before you send back the bag. Would it be possible for you to get something in writing from the seller stating that he/she will accept the return and give you a full refund?

    I would first talk this through with your acquaintance and letting her know you except a full refund. You have 45 days from the day of transaction to file a claim with PayPal. So if things do not work out, you can open a dispute case with PayPal stating the merchandise is significantly not as described.

    Hope this helps! Hopefully other girls in this forum can share their thoughts on this one...
  3. ^ I agree. I would have them try to deal with the seller first. You can always file the claim at the last minute of contact your credit card if it does not seem like it will work out. Hopefully, your acquaintance won't end up being out the money.
  4. Thanks guys. I guess I'll just wait it out. I would hate for my acquaintance to get screwed on this. She meant only to help me. But honestly, my hands are tied here, and I'm not going to be out the money for this. I've explained to her that selling fakes is illegal and that she should get the authorities involved if this seller doesn't budge. Ugh. It may be a while before I see my money back, I'm afraid...
  5. I don't know how well you know this person, but I would be loathe to expect a friend to pay me in this situation. Especially if you trust her to do her best to recoup the money for you. She seems like an innocent intermediary IMO. If she is a professional seller, that is different.

  6. Well, I'm not super close with this person, and I only know her through internet trades, etc. I trust that she will do her best to recoup the money, and I agree, she was an innocent (if not well versed in distinguishing fakes) intermediary. I'm just going to wait it out for now. Thanks to all who've weighed in- I really value everyone's opinion here! :smile: