Compliant question

  1. I want to file a complaint with Gucci about their handbag quality and the way their repair shop handled my repair. Does anyone have any idea who I should write my complaint?

    I am going to use this address-
    Gucci Group NV
    Rembrandt Tower, 1 Amstelplein
    1096 HA Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    or should i use the London address?
  2. That's not good to hear. :sad: What's the problem with your bag?
  3. Oh no, I just sent mine off. What happened?
  4. the corners started to show wear after a little over one year, which in itself is unaaaceptable for a $600 bag, used infrequently. Sent it in and called in about two weeks later because i hadn't heard anything from them. The CSR told me that a letter had been mailed out the same day . She then told me the cost. She asked me did i want to pay now, i told her that once we got the letter my wife would decide and let them know whether to fix or send it back. To my surpise, the bag saw sent via UPS a few days after this call w/o explaination or repair.
  5. gheaden, did you ever contact gucci headquarters? What happened? My friend wants to complain about wear on her guccissima that she has used for only 8 months and is alreadyshowing wear, but she only can find an address. If you wrote to them, did they ever get back to you?