Completly conflicted re: Charlottes

  1. Since I joined the PF, I've been battered nearly senseless with gorgeous Charlottes (thanks darelgirl :P) and have had the occasion to pet one or two in various colours.

    I finally placed an order for a pink one, although the shop from which I ordered it doesn't know what shade is going to be delivered (great, could end up with a hot pink one :sad: )

    So here's my question. If a hot pink one arrives, is anyone willing to take it off my hands?

    The thing is, I don't really want another colour of Charlotte, as I see them everywhere. Just today walking around, I counted and there were over 15 out on the streets.
  2. I'm sure Darelgirl would be totally willing to snatch a hot pink one out of you hands.
  3. darelgirl is away in these days, but i'm sure she is interested in the hot pink bag!
    you may want to contact here when the bag arrives.
  4. If it hot pink instead of the pale pink, I'd be interested in it too! I think that Darrel girl said that the hotpink was from last year and disscontinued.If you have found a shop that still has them, totally let us know! The hot pink would be my first choice, but that's just becasue it is my fav color! I know what you mean about wanting a certain color or shade of pink though.
  5. ^^Where did you see all of these Charlotte's? What colors and size do you see the most?

  6. In Paris. Generally it's dark brown and beige/light brown, with the occasional black, metallic. None of the delish colours I've seen on darelgirl.
    I think the size I see the most is the 24, as it's the handbag-iest one.
  7. ^^Not to badger you but have you seen the metalic pearl colored one? I love that color - but they don't seem to have it in the US. It's not gold or silver - but a white gold or pearl gold! It's really beautiful.

    I knew that the Darel bags were big last summer in Paris - I guess they're still going strong there? At least they're an improvment over the Vanessa Bruno totes that everyone has been carrying for the last - what is it - four years!!! ???
  8. I saw a picture of a python one in a previous thread that I would love to get me hands on!! Any sightings????
  9. Perja, since you're in Paris, can you please give me the street address of a Gerard Darel store? Can't access their site from my mac (flash problem?) or from my office PC (Internet restrictions) to find out their locations. I'm going to P in early May and will be staying in the 6eme, so somewhere central there must be one?

    And while I'm at it, do you have any other fun suggestions for what-not-to-miss? Special events, it-places, fun shops (not clothes, I'm too tall for french sizes) or other? I'm fairly familiar with the city and also saw all your suggestions in another thread recently.

    btw, is this my post nr 100? Took me three months to do :P
  10. Ha, just found the address(es) in another current thread.

  11. Perja, I've been thinking of a Darel bag -- but I haven't been able to find the right colour/style either. I kind of like the chain strap, I think. I might be interested in a pink one -- not sure (much as you are not sure, I think).
  12. as a fellow parisian: "Meh..."
    everyone has one which is a pain...And there are now lots of fakes! i'm sure people don't see what's wrong with "inspired" bags when they buy them, they must think they got a deal! argh!
    Anyway I admit the pink ones are cute But! My sis has a light pink one and it got kind of dirty pretty quickly...
    do tell what you end up with! what to do what to do, right? :P
  13. Concerning the hot pink ones. They're available at the store near me, there are about 10 left according to the store manager, priced at 230 euro. If anyone is really after that colour, I can go visit it, take a pic to show it.

    I've seen a pearly one once but I can't tell when they were made. Can't remember much about it.

    There's a bluish python Charlotte currently available in store. Don't remember the price though. Somewhere in the 400-700 range?

    Boudoir, if your sister wants to get rid of hers... I'll do the community a service and buy it :lol: