Completely torn between Olive & Blue Roi

Which one to buy?

  • Olive PT RGGH

  • Blue Roi PT RGGH

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Jun 4, 2010
Hi...... I almost bought my first bbag 2 weeks ago - Olive PT RGGH.. Then, I stumbled upon a picture of Blue Roi.

Since then, I'm torn between the 2 colors and can't decide which one to buy.

I've seen the Olive RGGH IRL and I think all the pictures don't do justice. The color is more amazing somehow in real person.
But, haven't seen the Blue Roi IRL.. That's why I can't make up my mind..

So, pleaseee help me decide...

For those of you who have seen both colors IRL, can you please note so in your comments?


Jan 31, 2010
Here is my opinion...If you are planning on buying RGGH...It goes best with Light Olive. But if you are getting Blue Roi I think it would go best with SGH as the silver brings out the blue...just my opinion.


Mar 1, 2006
^3rd that sentiment!

I own an Olive RGGH City and Bleu Roi SGH City. I prefer brighter blues with SGH and darker blues with RGGH. Bleu Roi does have a brightness to it IRL, like a dark royal blue.

If you have your mind set on RGGH then go for Olive! It's an amazing combo as you saw and stated here, and my bag always gets a compliment when taken out.


Dec 5, 2009
I'm not hugely helpful but here's my 2 cents: I absolutely adore the light olive RGGH so I went for it (giant city) and I don't regret it. You are right, most online pics don't do it justice. It's a versatile olive for all seasons.

But I've fallen for the Blue Roi online :yes: I can't go for it because my next consideration is for Seigle:idea:

You do have a tough choice especially if you 'do' blues well.


Jul 6, 2008
Both colors are gorgeous it is very hard decision.
I love the Olive RGGH and I know how difficult to capture the real beauty of this color. Most of the pictures are not doing this bag justice. But you have seen it IRL and LOVE IT. SO I would say go for it.


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
Always go for the one you have seen in real life and fallen in love with!!

Online pictures are a great way to gauge your reaction to certain colours: but I think if you really want to be sure, then wait and see both colours together in real life.

I have seen both, and I think the Olive looks great with RGGH, and like roey says, the Bleu Roi looks better with GSH because of the lightness of the blue.