completely obsessed with rouge theatre

  1. i thought i had my hands on a rouge theatre day from balNY last night, then i wasn't sure, then i thought i did, then my hopes were dashed again. this color doesn't show up on eBay very often, either.

    it's sick and it's sad, but i'm obsessed! a rouge theatre day was the first bag i spotted on eBay and bid on, but then lost. oy vey!

    just wanted to kvetch, that's all. :hysteric:
  2. yeah, I really wanted a rouge theatre Twiggy or City but have given up :sad:
  3. I, too, think this is the best red!
  4. i also love this color, i had a chance to get a purse a month ago, but am on a ban till after i have this baby!!!!

    It shows up on eBay every once in awhile, but is hard to find. There was a day sold on ebay a few weeks ago, often they just say 05 rouge!
  5. I hear ya, bella! I have fallen in love with this color, too! Though I have the rouge vif, it just doesn't compare to the rouge theatre.

    *ducks from wrath of fellow vif owners* [​IMG]

    Good luck on your search for the day! :smile:
  6. I totally understand. I was happy to be able to purchase a theatre this week. It is even better in real life than in photo's. It's such a deep red, but with no brown tones.
    Don't worry they do come up for sale here and there!!
  7. :girlsigh: So true. I have two Rouge Theater bags, and still lust after every photo I see of this color.
  8.'re so lucky you have TWO! I can't seem to locate one in any style.
  9. Rouge Theatre is the most perfect red I've ever seen. I have a day bag, which I bought when the color first came out. And now i have just managed to purchase one of my dream Bbags - a monk leather rouge theatre tote. I remember seeing this bag on Balenciagas site back in early fall 2005, but BNY didn't have any info on it when I called about it. Lo and behold - one showed up on ebay and I stalked it and won!

  10. ^oh my wow, circoit, that is STUNNING! You see? I'm doing it again, drooling over another rouge theater. This is one is delicious beyond belief.:drool:
  11. ^^^oh i was watching that bag on ebay too! glad a PFer got it!! be sure to post pics when it arrives!
  12. I think you don't see too many rouge theatre bags on ebay because most owners LOVE their bags. I know I will never part with my rouge theatre Twiggy. I wish you luck in finding your dream bag. I will keep an eye out for you.
  13. Beautiful!

    I bought the Rouge Vif b/c I wanted red and couldn't find a Rouge Theatre .... I decided I would still get the RT if I find one ... I love the RV but there is just SOMETHING about RT:love:
  14. :sneaky:... :ninja: ... :death:

  15. One will pop up on eBay again if you are vigilant. I found one a few weeks ago and bought it right away because I love the blood red color. I probably paid too much but I didn't want to take the chance of losing it. I really hope you find one soon.