Completely lost my voice! Please help me get it back!!

  1. Hi all! I have been sick off and on over the past two weeks. I had a fever early on and now I am left with a terrible cough. On Saturday, I completely lost my voice. As you can tell my that tickler below, I am getting married in less than two weeks. Any suggestions on how I can get my voice back quicker? I am getting really stressed out since I can't talk on the phone and deal with my vendors right now and I am running out of time!! Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Urgh Oh no grace!!

    Have you tried honey and warm water? that helps soothe my throat...

    this is somewhat strange but my friend lost her voice for a long time and she sings in a choir. she was quite desperate and tried chinese herbs.. i can't remember what she took but i can ask her if you're interested... i recall her description of the herbal drink as being bitter and had weird looking stuff in it. but apparently you don't have to eat the stuff, you just drink the herbal drink.... let me know?

    OH i forgot to add, she got her voice back after taking the drink twice ... so i think it works ...
  3. Okay, you need to tell me what kind of chinese herbs they were! My mom may even have some! Let me know and thanks so much!
  4. I was going to suggest honey and water too. =) I hope you get your voice back!!!
  5. Good luck, Grace. I wish I had a sure-fire remedy for you.:flowers:
  6. First, lay off the cold drinks and other mucous causing drinks, like chocolate, milk, orange juice, and soda. Try boiling some ginger and then use the water to gargle. I hope this helps.
  7. Go to the drugstore and ask your pharmacist for advice on over the counter meds.

    I have gotten great advice from pharmacists.

    I'm sure your gfs and friends have been offering to help you more with the wedding. LET THEM! Ask them to come over to your place so you can whisper during conversations.

    Get lots of sleep.

    Good luck and congratulations!
  8. Go to the doctor and don´t speak at all!