Completely indecisive!! Help me pick a bag please :)

  1. I really need to decide on a bag...just wondering if anyone owns these bags and have real pictures? I need something that isn't super high maintenance and that can be carried in the rain/snow. Any opinions (good or bad) greatly appreciated. I don't know how to post pictures so I'll just include the links.



    The first in tobacco and the second in mahogany. I'm just afraid I'll wait too long on they will disappear from the website. Closest store is an hour and a half away and no outlets here. Thanks!
  2. i prefer the soho braided leather hobo, and i'd like the larger size since i like larger bags.
  3. I like the braided hobo as well. I have the small one in white and I absolutely love it. It's a great size for me. I carry my wallet, checkbook, cell phone, keys, and assorted little things (lip gloss, makeup, medicine, etc.) and have room to spare. Go for the braided one-I love the tobacco color and the braided strap is such a nice detail.
  4. I like the braided one also. It's a classic with a little twist!
  5. These bags are small. Great if you carry a small amount of small items...
  6. The braided one is gorgeous!
  7. I like the braided one. I have a braided white hobo from last season and I love it and use it all the time!
  8. The small leather hobo (without the braids), mainly because I tend to stick with the depends on your sense of style. If you're really trendy go with the braided one...if you dont like to experiment, get the regular one. dont forget to post pics when you get it!!
  9. ^^ I prefer the second one as well
  10. I like the braided one better.