Completely Heart Broken :(

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  1. Nordstroms has their half yearly sale or w/e today. So while running around doing errands this morning I thought I would shoot over there. The had NO COACH on sale, which was very dissappointing. BUTTT I finally got a chance to try on the Leigh. And I am so sad to say that I don't like it :crybaby:

    And I had my heart set on buying the Raisin for December PCE.

    It's going to be a sad sad day :sad:
  2. Boo!

    I say you should go in to Coach next week and mention that you heard about PCE from a friend (so maybe they'll give it to you anyways) and then try on a whole bunch of bags to see if you like one. Sometimes you'll be surprised - I have bought bags I hated when I saw them online but in person, once I tried it on, I fell in love on the spot. It was that way for the Ergo tote and the Bleecker duffle. Don't be discouraged! I'm sure you'll find your dream bag.
  3. Well, on the bright side, you didn't spend a bundle of money on it just to find out you don't like it. I'm sorry it wasn't what you wanted it to be. Are you sure you don't like it or is it one of those things that could grow on you?
  4. Oh man! Atleast it will save you a bunch of money!! :yes: I went to Nordstrom in Vegas and they had the new ali flaps and the leighs on sale.. a couple hundred dollars off! :wtf: The bag just wasn't my style, but it was nice.
  5. I dont think it would ever grow on me, I dont like the strap, its just to small and doesnt hang down very low when it's on the shoulder. Oh well, money saved!! (which is being hidden b/c my SO thinks i'm nuts for saving for a purse lol) Maybe I'll buy myself some nice new shoes.
  6. Candace, I feel your pain as well...I wanted to cry because i wanted Leigh SO BAD and then I saw her at nordies and threw her on my arm...and I hated her!!! I mean not hated her...but it was a violent reaction because I thought for sure i would love her and I didn't. I overreacted :smile: haha...

    So I think it is time to move on and find a new love...
  7. Better that you find out now before lusting over it for another month and then finding out that you didn't like it! Now you can start figuring what else you want for PCE instead :idea:
  8. Ahh, that's too bad!!! I love the way the leigh looks, but I don't know if I could wear it either...

    If you like the raisin color why not try the shoulder bag in raisin? I think it's TDF!
  9. Good thing to find out now rather than later! I'm sure it won't take long to find another bag you lust over just as much...and actually love once you try it on. I'd keep saving just in case... Good luck in your quest!!
  10. Well I guess that it's good you tried it on to find out you didn't like it. Better than buying it and having to return it later. This way at least you have time to find another bag you like for PCE.
  11. Nordies is putting designer bags on sale later this month
  12. omg thats really sorry you will find something.....
  13. Sorry you don't like Leigh but you might find something else you like before PCE. Maybe you should look at some of the other legacy bags or the bleecker bags. I personally have a hard time narrowing down what I want to just one or two bags! The event this weekend is NOT a PCE and can only be used by people who received an invitation. My manager said that they have more flexibility with PCE than they do this.
  14. I'm completely in the same boat! I went to Nordstroms today looking for Coach on sale..they only had a black shoulder bag and scratched up Leigh in whiskey. I tried on the Leigh because I've been wanting to order this bag in the chocolate sig...big disappointment. I didn't like the strap either (too thin for such a wide semi-heavy bag) also thought the drop length should've been a couple inches longer. Its RIGHT under the armpit. It didn't look right in the mirror. Armpit bags are fine when they're small but not when they're Leigh size IMO.... so...I settled for the Legacy shoulder flap. Love everything about this bag but the big flap. I'll just deal with it because theres nothing else out there that comes close to meeting all my needs. :shame:
  15. Sad to hear you didn't like it. I love this bag. Hope to own one soon.