Completely done with international f**ks!

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Sep 16, 2007
Send out a rare Balenciaga bag to Singapore against my better judgment (person had at least 4 or 5 negs from other sellers claiming this person was an extortionist that tried to get seller to pay for customs fees and returns things often). Before I accepted her best offer, I asked her to explain these negs and to "promise" she honestly wanted this bag and to let her know I wasn't going to lie for her on custom forms. She agrees, and stupid me went ahead with the transaction on a $800 bag.

She now is emailing me claiming she wants me to pay $80 custom fee because it wasn't written off a used. ARRRRRRRRRRGH! I said sorry no. She emails and says, then she won't pick it up at customs.

Is there anything I can do?? USPS charges a huge fee for returning the package to me don't they? Not to mention the $30 express postage fee. UGH. SO fed up with international transactions.


Nov 16, 2007
Ok I just saw you other thread about the Japanese guy and I tried helping you there, but calling them international f**ks is too far. I am one of these so called 'international f**ks' and I have one thing to say: you're just unlucky. Do you think everyone in your home country is a saint who will have all your ebay transactions go smoothly? That they won't ever try anything like this? Don't attribute it to a group please. I would always pay my customs fees and take my transaction seriously. I'm half Japanese, I live in Australia, and I just don't think it's nice for you to lump all of us together in one group, that group being 'international f**ks'.


Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
Yep, not cool. Sorry chick (vernissima) but you sound like a total bigot when you talk like that. International f**cks eh? Just a tad bit more than unnecessary.
By the way, helium was nice enough to help you out. You owe her a thank you.


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May 4, 2006
Central Europe
Please refrain from posting rude remarks even if you're frustrated. This is an international forum and your situation has to do with a problematic individual, and these exist everywhere.

What were your auction terms? Not knowing them, if you do get the package back, you could perhaps refund minus the additional charges the buyer cost you?


May 20, 2007
I understand you're frustrated, but it's wrong to use such a rude title in this forum. Please use common courtesy and manners in this forum and don't tar International buyers by your own experience. I'm offended by your manner, but I certainly won't judge everyone in your country by your comment. You're in the minority, thankfully.
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