Completely content with my collection.

  1. A day has arrived that I NEVER thought possible! Today I realized I no longer want/need any more handbags. (OMG, did I really just admit that out loud?) I recieved my Kristin Domed Satchel today. (I promptly moved right in!) As I was unwrapping the new kid on the block, I felt this sense of completion. I realized I am perfectly content with my handbag collection. Now I am not saying I will never again add to it, however I am saying it is going to take Coach coming out with something amazing (which I'm sure they will) in order to fuel my desire for it again. I could be wrong. Maybe I am mistaking this feeling of completion. I bought 3 new bags in 2 weeks time. Maybe I am burned out. What I do know is I compiled a list of bags, & accesories that I absolutely loved and wanted. In a years time I have bought everything on that list. (I did stray from it at times and bought extra) Has anyone else ever felt this way, or am I just mayor of crazy town? Until Coach wows me again I will be living off of reveal threads. :smile:
  2. I think that is awesome! Congrats on feeling content! Which domed satchel did you get? And do you have any collection pics?

    I have been getting closer to this feeling, but something is still missing. I really want to get there though, and I am a little envious of you.
  3. I have felt content before, but unfortunately that feeling never lasts very long for me. I'll find a style I love and then want 2 or 3 colors, OR a new bag will release that captures my heart and the cycle continues. I was just talking to a co-worker last Friday about how I WISH I could be one of those women who just has an "everyday bag" and carries it for weeks or months at a time, but I just can't. I really like to switch my bags out and it seems I'm never completely satisfied. I truly envy your contentment!
  4. I think that's wonderful. Our treasures should make us feel happy and good about ourselves. You have achieved Handbag Nirvana, oh wise one. Go in purse I mean peace.
  5. I too am content and feel my bag collection complete. I rehomed a bunch of stuff (had too many black bags, too many clutches, sold my RM MABs and replaced them with large Sophias) and love what I have left. I've never had any totes and I love, love, love the Glam Tote. I hve 2 but my daughter has been using one allsummer and I think I may not get or even want it back, lol. I may buy a couple more Glams but other than that, I'm done.

    But, if a Lindsey or Abigail presented itself with the right price...
  6. Lol!
  7. That's absolutely wonderful! I'm not quite there, or maybe I'm just close to feeling burned out after buying 6 bags in about 4 weeks. I just want something in saffron (Hailey?) for the Fall and a nice bag in mahogany brown, then I think I'll be set.

    I'm looking forward to that day, I imagine it will feel very liberating.
  8. I felt that way until I joined TPF :lolots:
  9. I feel EXACTLY the way you do, OP! As a matter of fact, I could have written your post almost word for word myself. I had a long list of bags I wanted and between the outlets, eBay and PCEs, trades with fellow TPFers, etc, I think I have it all. I feel wonderful about my collection and don't see a need for more at this point.

    Also, sadly, I am not at all a Legacy girl and nothing in the stores is exciting me at all. I am content with what I have and I am (luckily) not tempted by the new stuff.

  10. I am pretty content at the moment. I have been admiring the legacy collection but something has to completely WOW me for me to want to add it to my collection. I am actually starting to feel a little overwhelmed by my collection and thinking of downsizing a little and re-homing a couple of bags that just sadly sit in my closet. They get no love! :sad: I think once I re-home them, I will feel better about my collection and can start to anticipate new bags this fall.
  11. Right with you....nothing in the fall thread has captured me the way last fall or the previous spring or the previous season...etc etc, the other day- I got out all my Coach purses....enjoyed the absolute feeling of sheer bliss that they are MINE!....I know that I will enjoy all of them to their fullest...and will be quite content for quite a while.
  12. I also am to that point almost one bag to go & then done...! I had a girl contact me the other day about trading a Coach for a Coach and there was nothing in my collection I wanted to give up in trade for hers.
    I have been using & switching my bags every day... I am just days away from have used every single bag in my collection since I started.. it's been kinda fun seeing some I had not used in awhile but just reminded my why they are still part of my collection.. my oldest is from 08' I have discovered..!
  13. I am content with the collection of bags I have also....I have alot of different bags..not just Coach...but I will forever buy new and cute bags, my collection will never be complete because I enjoy it!
  14. LOL! Quote of the week for sure!!
  15. :lolots::lol::roflmfao:

    Even if I stop buying purses, you guys will keep me reading TPF!