Completely Clueless Newbie

  1. Hi first thread here and I'm scared. lol!!! I am new to the Hermes forum, but have been lurking around for a little while. There is so much to learn, thank God for the PF and all the info you gals and guys share! Anyhow, I'd like to purchase a Kelly and Birkin in the (semi-near) future. I think I want a bright colored Kelly in the 32cm, and a 35 Birkin in a neutral color, probably black or etoupe. I'm thinking Box and Togo as far as leather. Though I'm sure all that will change 10 times before I get anything, so I'll be summoning your opinions. lol :heart: But for now, I'm starting simple and going for a Garden Party tote to hold me over. I visited my Hermes store last week, and I'm pretty sure I'm going with the large (?...the one that's $1600) all black. I know, it's probably boring. Anyhow, I will need to dress it up with a scarf or twilly. I mostly wear black, white, denim, and other solid neutrals. (Geez, I'm REALLY boring, huh?! And could probably use a makeover! lol) So should I go with a scarf or twilly; which looks better on a GP? Should I get something neutral and/or feminine (like pink) or something bright and vibrant? And if I get a charm too, will that be too much to wear together on my GP? Heck, should I even go all black on the GP? (Okay, that last question was a major digression!) I'm clueless. :rolleyes:

    I will be going back tomorrow, so I will post pics of what you help me decide. :smile:
  2. Hi, we must be twins!!! I am a 'black bag/clothes' girl too! I do try to 'cheer' things up by adding a colorful scarf. Scarves, pochettes and twillys all look so nice on GPs! If your clothes are fairly neural, you could go for just about any color. Adding a twilly/pochette/scarf can also be handy for those occasions when you need something to pull your hair back with or for when it turns unexpectedly chiller.

    I would suggest going into H and playing with them all and the GP, I am sure one will scream, 'take me home'!
  3. Welcome, OLMS!!! Welcome to the orange side!! I am sure you will have a lot of fun here, indeed! It sounds like you are ready for your first H in a big way!

    For the garden party, i think you can go with either a twilly or a smaller scarf, the pouchette size io perhaps even the new, 70 cm size. It depends on how colorful you want to be on your new GP. Since it is a removable accent, I would say, GO FOR IT! And I would even suggest something a little larger than a twilly, and colorful! There are some beautiful new designs, and they can work well on your bag, or on you, when you are ready!

    You can tie a full size carre, too, but I would tie it folded, if you are comfortable with that look...

    The new Petit Ceinture bags are really lovely, too. Have you seen those? They are like a GP with a strap around the top, very cute. It may be easier to put a charm on one of those, as there is a loop for the "belt" at the top. I am not sure a GP will have a good spot for a charm, though you could do a cute keychain quite easily!

    Black is of course a lovely choice, as is the black or brown with the toile ---yummy, and the rouge imperiale (i think that is right) is gorgeous, and Hermes does colors so well----maybe you want to celebrate your first bag with something really colorful, since it is a tote and it is summer????

    Good luck, and remember the most important thing is to show us pictures of all your goodies so we can celebrate with you!

    Hey, Rose and I posted at the same time!!!!
  4. I saw several of these at my H store and they are really cute.
  5. ^^I saw them the other day -- very cool looking! And I am a sucker for the toile/black GP. Very chic.
  6. How funny, Rose. I've been dressing in black since high school (over 14 years), so I doubt I'm changing anytime soon. lol I looked at scarves and twillys while I was there, but couldn't decide on anything. I'm going to check out the pochettes tomorrow. Thanks Rose!!!!
  7. lol, change that from twin to long lost daughter.....
  8. Thanks for the welcome, Cobalt. It's nice to be here! Thanks for the tips everyone. I'm totally going to check out the Petit Ceinture bags too. I didn't see them while I was there last week. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted. Do you know the retail price of the PCs? I'm watching my cost for this bag, because I'm saving the real funds for the bigger purchases! =)
  9. Rose, you are too funny!!!
  10. Hi and welcome! A black Garden Party sounds great, not boring at all! I wouldn´t wear a charm and a twilly/scarf all at the same time on the bag, but both separately are great to liven things up. I would use a scarf on the GP it just looks better imo.
  11. oo_let_me_see ~ Hello! So Glad Your Here...You Are Already An H Girl ~ I Can Tell!;)

    The Black Garden Party Is Magnificent (Actually My Favorite Of All GP's). No, I Don't Own It Yet:crybaby: ....Hopefully That Will Change In The Near Future!:yes:

    The Garden Party Is One Of The Most Fun To Dress Up (IMO). It's Casual Elegance...A Brilliant Twilly Or Pochette ~ Is The Perfect Accessory. & So Precious With The Charms. hermesgroupie....Wears A Few At Once (On Her GP) & It Is Magnificent:love:
  12. Welcome oo_let_me_see , you have certainly come to the right place for :heart:help,advice and support.
    Everyone here has helped me so much.
    I think a black GP would be gorgeous, and like you say you have the option to dress it up with different coloured twillys or scarves. A keychain would also look lovely on it.
    Good luck:tup:
  13. Hi girls. I'm back from Hermes. I love that place. :heart:

    So I checked out the Petit Ceinture bags, and didn't like them as much as the GP...probably because they had the small and large size there to show me, but not the medium size, which of course is the one I would want. Anyhow, so here she is, my very first Hermes bag. (Not bad as a starter?) My SA is sweet and gorgeous, and was very informative. I told her about my Kelly and Birkin thoughts, and she spent so much time with me about leathers, etc. I'm pretty sure I decided Togo or Clemence is the way to go on those. Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself, because I'm thinking my next purchase won't be until the end of the year sometime. Back to the GP, do you like it?? And do you like the twilly? I looked at the pochettes and didn't find anything.

    Thanks everyone for your help. I look forward to getting to know you all. :flowers:

    Oh by the way, my camera is misbehaving! These are the best pics I could get for now. Ugh..bad camera bad!
    1stHermes 001 467x350.jpg 1stHermes 002 467x350.jpg
  14. oo_let_me_see , you are a very quick worker. very focused. good for you. congrats on your gorgeous bag:drool:
    I think it loks fabulous, and i love the twilly:heart:
    I know you will love for ever
  15. So pretty! Congrats!!! :yahoo: