Completely Boring Thread...

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  1. Post your Excel spreadsheets and other utterly humorless and boring documents here. If you have kids, tell me what subjects they had homework in and what they ate for dinner last night. Is your pet sitting by the computer staring at you? Tell me all about it. Perhaps you enjoy (if that's the correct word) reading the dictionary or telephone book. If so, I wouldn't necessarily love to hear about it, but you can tell me anyway because neither of us has anything better to do. Let's try to keep it as sedate as possible in the off chance a toddler (or very easily irritated person) wanders onto this forum and reads this. Let the begin.
  2. I am running out to the grocery store to buy ground beef to make a meatloaf for dinner. Bye!
  3. Here is an example of a spreadsheet for educational purposes.


    If I had any emotions, I'd say it was beautiful.
  4. I feel like I want to brush my teeth pretty soon.
  5. i'm killing time also...
    I can tell you about this-
    I have a huge crush on this guy I work with and today he looked me right in the face and gave me this sexy look. I went to the bathroom thinking of him and accidently peed on my pants :shame:
    I keep thinking about it laughing :lol:
  6. My hands are cold and I guess I need to go to the store later, too.
  7. WHAT?!!! No laughing here! Laughing is forbidden!!! Good God, woman! Someone is sure to report this thread as offensive!!! :wtf:

    "sexy" and "peed" in one post? What is this world coming to? :nogood:
  8. My dog is at my feet, SO is getting ready to leave, I haven't decided if I will tag along because I have a pimple and I am feeling self-conscious (so pathetic). I don't know where the cat is but I suspect he's in the bathroom. He likes dipping his paw in the toilet water.:s
  9. hi annie! :love: i'm bored and just woke up.. yay for no work... i should be cleaning but i realllllllllllllly don't want to... i could watch i am legend...
  10. whoa, what a reaction! :wtf: :roflmfao:

  11. :hrmm: ummmm sorry...

  12. to walmart? :love: i need to goto walgreens later after i finish watching i am legend. rented from the redbox.
  13. My dog Toby is on my lap snoring.
  14. Wow...this thread is getting too wild for me already. What are you all? Heathens?


    I like carrots.
  15. Well, we'll let that one slide...But I'm watching you!