Complete YSL Newbie-Questions about the Muse.

  1. Sorry if these are repeats you've heard a hundred times-it's hard without the search function!

    1. Can the Muse medium and large both be worn over the shoulder?

    2. I want one in Black Calf. Currently I see Patent and Tumbled/Buffalo. Is Black Calf available?

    Thank You!!
  2. Hi there! I have a large black muse, and can definitely carry it over the shoulder. As for the question about calf leather, I'm not sure. The YSL website is listing the buffalo and patent styles only. You may want to call a boutique and have a SA search for you.
  3. Thanks bubbleloba!

    I plan to go to the local boutique soon. I'm worried they'll be picked over in anything black and classic right after the holidays. The buffalo looks too casual for me, (at least online), so I'm hoping that calf is available.
  4. Definitely stop by the boutique and see the buffalo in person. Mine is buffalo leather (and my bf actually commented on how great the leather looks). Also, I'm almost positive that black muses weren't on sale so you don't have to worry about not finding one in stock. Best of luck!!
  5. Thank You!