Complete this sentence: I love Hermes because...

  1. One of my son's third grade schoolwork made me think of this. I thought it might be interesting to see if we can succinctly say what about Hermes captivates us, in @25 words or less. I'll go first: I love Hermes because the classic beauty of their accessories is something that will never go out of (my) style. :heart:
  2. -- it represents and stands for everything i am and value
  3. Can't top that! :yes: Ditto.
  4. It’s quintessential French.
    Born from the passion for hunting with hounds on horseback,
    And whilst now it is mainly a Fashion Boutique
    The original essence of quality and craftsmanship wafts through there products like a golden thread.

    It reminds me of happy days hunting in the company of good friends, both two legged and four.
  5. --understated luxury
  6. Timeless classics made with highest quality materials. Buying an H item reminds me of the ubiqutous ad campaign "cause I'm worth it"
  7. I love Hermes because.......I like to be able to see where I'm putting my money........and I can insure them! lol. Besides the fact their luxury items send thrills and chills up and down my spine when I sniff them. :heart:
  8. ...Timeless grace, style and elegance.
  9. Worldest Greatest!!
  10. I am a collector at heart.

    I love how Hermes always makes the same items but in different colours. I love how I can count on something I love to be there this season, next season, and 10 seasons down the road. Nothing makes my heart sing more than the same item, but in different colours.
  11. I love Hermes other "manufacturer" in the world can compare to the quality and care that goes into making every single one of their products.
  12. I love Hermes because ...

    - of all the vibrant colours that Hermes do so very well
    - the superior leather quality that cannot be surpassed
    - I enjoy every H shopping experience where I am not just another statistic in their store sales, like what some other houses treat their customers
    - it's varied enough to make me want to talk about it all day long (some friends probably YAWN)
    - my Store Manager understands that I appreciate Hermes and oblige in discussing stuff with me, and educating me. (She said I am a fan. I am not at the dangerous level to be called a fanatic yet) :heart::heart:
  13. I don't have to seek something better. Hermes quality and image are without parallel.
  14. I love Hermes because of the timeless beauty and quality of its colors and skins.
  15. I honestly tried. I failed to find it. When you do, give me a tinkle. :p