Complete this collection..

  1. hey girls -- i'm trying to decide what to get from vacanze and/or foresta...and possibly paradiso.

    i'm a one print-one style girl too, so, how would you complete this collection?

    citta bambione
    pirata canguro
    inferno mm
    adios star ciao
    l'amore bambino
    notte bella
    spiaggia zucca

    vancanze ?
    foresta ?
    paradiso ?

    you guys are experts! so, i know you know what prints look best on what bags! :smile:

  2. :tup: vacanze bv! i'm going to get one in either bv or zucca, iono yet xD plus that print is soooooo cute! so you wanna get as much print as possible
  3. I would do...
    Vacanze Campeggio
    Foresta Ciao Ciao
    Paradiso BV

    But that's just me.. :yes:
  4. thanks for the suggestions! i'm going to read more about those bigger bags! :smile:
  5. Vacanze - ciao ciao
    Foresta - BV
    Paradiso - gioco