Complete MoisturePlus Contact Lens Solution RECALLED!

  1. I just heard about this on my local news. Apparently, amoebas can get in your eye and cause blindness!!! And guess which friggin contact lens solution I use? Uggghhhh! Just threw the bottle away, going to wear my glasses until I get new solution tomorrow! Story below:

    A product for contact lenses has been voluntarily recalled.

    Advanced Medical Optics recalled its "Complete Moistureplus" multipurpose solution.
    The contact solution has been linked to a serious eye infection, according to an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The infection is called acanthamoeba keratitis and is caused by a water-borne parasite.
    The symptoms can mimic those of other more common eye disorders -- including pain, redness, blurred vision, sensation of something in the eye. However, this somewhat rare infection is more difficult to treat. You can find out more information about the infection on the CDC website: If you have the product, stop using it. You should also throw away partly-used bottles and replace lenses and lens cases. If you have any other questions, call Advanced Medical Optics at 1-888-899-9183.
  2. Thanks so much for this info! I've been using this product for my contacts and just last week one of my bottles got mysteriously clogged for some reason. I just started using a new I contacted the company and will be sending them back. I would've never known about this without TPF! :smile:
  3. We are supposed to throw away our contacts and cases as well. Anything that came in contact with the solution could be contaminated. It's been less than a year since ReNu was recalled. This whole situation is terrifying. I read a more lengthy article on this most recent recall. The amoebas can infect your eye so badly that they whole eyeball has to be removed!
  4. OH SNAP....I use complete moisture and just tried purchasing two bottles today. Luckily wal-mart's system caught that it was a recalled item, so I was unable to purchase it. I was :shrugs:...but thankfully I read this post and now know its linked to Acanthamoeba!! :s :wtf: thanks lori!
  5. Yikes, I use this solution. :wtf:

    I just want to post a picture of this brand for everyone else, because if you are like me I just know the brand I use from what the box looks like.