Complete Make-Up change! help!


Bag Pervert!
Feb 25, 2006
Right, Ladies

I have decided at the age of 21 that i can't wear cheap make up anymore because im sure its slowly hurting my skin. The problem is i live in 3 places (home, uni & the BF's) and i hate carrying one make up bag around all the time!

I have decided to go to my local department store and get my whole make up done over, everything new!

Does anybody have any suggestions?? Chanel, YSL, Clarins?? i dont know what type of make up they do or what i need!?

What do you all use so i can get a good idea as to what is the best value for money and, most importantly, does a good job.

Thank you in advance!


Dec 27, 2005
I think you also need to get a good skin care system in place before the makeup. Buy a great cleanser, toner and face cream. This way you are off to a good start. Also a good sunscreen is a must.

I in the process of buying all new makeup. I bought Dr. Brandt SPF 30 light tint sunscreen. So now I don't have to wear a foundation. I also bought some new Bobbie Brown makeup. I really like her stuff. I like Chanel but Bobbie Brown is my favorite.

Don't let the SA talk you in to a look that is not you. You need to decide if you like foundation or a nice powder since the warmer months are coming. A good blush, eye shadow and mascara. Nice lip stick or gloss and I also buy the bronzing powder to brighten up my skin. Most of the time I do not wear a lot of makeup. I feel the tinted SPF with a light bronzer gives me a good look for spring/summer. I hate liquid foundations in the heat. There is just so much out there that it is hard to decide. I did not like mineral makeup but see that Bobbie Brown has it so I might have to check this out next.
Good luck.


Bag Pervert!
Feb 25, 2006
wow thank you for the excellent advice.

I do have a worry that the SA will talk me into somthing that totally isnt me. I hate wearing LOADS of make up, and you're right the summer is coming.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a tinted Sunscreen? I like the idea of not wearing foundation!


Sep 21, 2007
I agree- get a skin care routine and sunscreen first. I don't use expensive products and I don't think you have to, but if your skin is not in good shape, no matter what the makeup brand, it will not look that great.

If you like the idea of maybe not doing foundation, what about mineral make up? I recently switched from liquid foundation w/ powder to mineral makeup and love it. It does not feel heavy at all and still has good coverage. You could go to Sephora and try it out first.

The tinted SPF is just tinted moisturizers w/ a bit of color. A bunch of brands make them and the amount of pigment in each varies- some have not very much, some are heavier. I thought Clinique's had a ton of pigment.


Jun 4, 2006
I think every brand has their stand-out products, so don't just go to a brand and buy everything from them. Starting out with great skincare products and sunscreen are a good start as mentioned above and as for makeup, here are *MY* personal opinion about each brand:

MAC: affordable and great eye makeup products (eyeshadows, liners, creams...etc), except for mascara, and lipGLOSSES.

Lancome: love their mascaras, juicy tubes, concealers, self-tanners, hair products, and for skincare I like their Blanc Expert line and aquafusions

Chanel: excellent liquid and powder foundations (except the double perfection cream to powder foundation...), face powders, powder blush, best lipsticks (Aqualumiere), and perfumes.

Clarins: great body products (self-tanners, body moisturizers and creams)

Dior: great eyeshadows comparable to MAC's; their cosmetics for the face (liquid foundations especially) are very 'resistant' and hard to remove which damages my skin.

Shiseido: excellent self-tanners, sunscreen, cream eye-shadows and liners

YSL: like their lipglosses and powder foundations (I despise Touche eclat)


Jul 3, 2006
yep, you need a good skin care regimine first. i use dermalogica, it really works wonders. and as for makeup i use:
Shiseido for bronzers, ysl for lipgloss and mascara, bobbi brown for powder foundations, dior also for lipgloss, nars for gloss as well( can you tell i really love lipgloss), MAC for eyeshadows(i use urban decay primer underneath my MAC's eyeshadows), chanel for blush.


Bag Pervert!
Feb 25, 2006
wow thank you everybody for giving me this advice! Right now i dont use a toner but i might start using one.

My skin is in OK condition, i dont get many spots but i get weird patches of yellow skin around my mouth and under my nose and nose. Its really weird so i just want to be able to even out my skin tone!

I also have a few light moles on my face which makes my skin look spotty when its not! they are like darker freckles, i'll let you know how i get one!

Thank you everybody! x


Prima Donna Assoluta
Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
Shopping for new makeup is always fun! Let me give you some of my favourites:

Skincare - Shiseido The Skincare. The foaming cleanser is really gentle and you'll only need a dime-sized dollop. Toner and moisturizer are great, too. The moisturizing lotion comes in light and enriched. I like to use the light one so I don't get a greasy face AND it comes with sunscreen.

Foundation and powder: Chanel forever! I also have yellow spots around my mouth and this evens it out perfectly, while giving you a soft glow. If you've greasy skin, finish if off with the pressed powder.

Blusher: I really like Clinique's Powder Blush. Wide array of colours and they're just shimmery enough. Nars highliter will also give you a nice, allover glow.

Lashes: Shiseido eyelash curler plus Chanel Inimitable mascara. If you decide on this one, try the waterproof one. I have the regular mascara and it runs easily. But at 30 something bucks a pop, I'm not getting rid of it til I've scraped the last bits off!

Lips: I love MAC lipliners and Clinique lipsticks/lipglosses. MAC lipliner in Whirl is a very natural shade that I think would look good on most anyone.

I seldom wear shadows or eyeliners so I can't really comment there. Hope this helps a bit!


Aug 3, 2006
Foundation and powder: Chanel forever! I also have yellow spots around my mouth and this evens it out perfectly, while giving you a soft glow. If you've greasy skin, finish if off with the pressed powder.
Agreed! I just got Chanel's Teint Innocence foundation over the weekend, along with their pressed powder, and I'm so in love! Definitely worth checking out.


Oct 13, 2006
I would advise Bobbi Brown for foundations/ poweders- I have tried nearly every brand under the sun and IMO it is the best!


Sep 11, 2006
Settle your skincare first. And then turn your focus on make-up.

I love cleansers by Dermalogica, SK-II, Murad and DermaNano.
A toner is a great way for balancing your skin - Multi-active toner from Dermalogica is great. So is SK-II's facial clear toner.
Use whatever moisturizer that fits your skin type.

Sunscreen is super important. As to what a tinted sunscreen is, it's something like a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. Meaning that you get a 3 in one - moisturizer (a little bit), sunscreen and a tint to even out the skin tone. I love the one by Lancome (SPF30+++ DNA Protect), and the Brightening SPF40 one by Shiseido.

Personally, the most important products are MAC Strobe Cream and YSL's Touche Eclat. Highlighting and hiding, to give a natural, fresh look.


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
Don't just stick to one brand unless you know it will work for you. I would take a trip to Sephora and get a makeover by one of the makeup artists.

I learn that some products from brands work well and then others will as well.

with makeup application, it takes a lot of trial and errors.


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I'm sold to MAC now!
And I do agree you should invest in some good skincare products to protect your skin ;)
Don't buy anything but products for young skin though...sometimes the SAs are very good at trying to talk you into more expensive products for mature types of skin.
Nov 20, 2007
Cheap makeup doesn't always mean lousy. There are expensive brands that don't work for everyone and cheap brands that have been successful for decades. Trick to having beautiful skin usually lies in daily skincare regime and your lifestyle. Try abstaining from deep fried food and consuming too much soda.


Mar 30, 2008
I like Make Up For Ever for foundation, MAC for blushes and eyeshadows, Clinique for highlighters and all lip products. I still use some drugstore stuff that works just as well though.