Complete LV Addicts

  1. What LV accessories do you have in your bag and why you love each particular small piece. Are you a matchy matchy person or do you like to mix it all up for a festive mood?

    LV enablers (gals and guys) show us what LV accessories are in your bags. TIA:flowers:
  2. I suppose the What's in your LV Bag thread would give you some ideas? :smile:
  3. No. Looking for ppl with complete addictions inside and out.:nuts:
  4. Since TPF I have an LV adiction going on in my bag: pomme cles, mono credit card holder, mono wallet with zipper, mono Ipod Video Holder, Framboise small agenda. I still have a Coach pill box and Coach make up bag in LVs..but if LV ever makes something similar I'll be there. I wish they made some of the items in something other than mono...for example, I wanted the ipod holder in mc but they don't make it in that line. I would prefer to have more color inside my bag because when Ihave to pull things out of my bag I feel a little ridiculous pulling out so many obviously LV things.
  5. Thank you rileygirl. Just can't get enough of LV besides the basic bag. :yes:
  6. I don't match but I think its beginning to look a little clutterish LOL, so I may have to do some trading cause the colors I have are all over the place!

    I have the
    pomme french wallet
    azur mini pochette
    myrtile mini agenda
    groom cles
    red, blue, & yellow?!

    but I don't know how to make it more harmonious.
  7. I know what you mean, IE. I want the pen holder, but it only comes in mono.:sad: And I feel ridiculous pulling out accessories that cost more then the actual bag!
  8. ^ooh aarti... I think your accessories are very harmonious.
  9. I am a matchy person lol, but I don't match bag & accessories in the same color. For ex. I had a mono twin pochette, so I got the pomme d'Amour ludlow wallet to match with it. They are same pattern but in different color to create sort of contrast, and I like that!
  10. Im getting there. LV sunglasses, agenda and scarf is usually in my bag, sometimes also a pochette accessoire. Soon I'll ad some other things though.. I'm going to end up like a tacky all-from-one-brand person . :jammin:
  11. aarti, mine are all over the place too, don't worry! :biggrin:

    all vernis. pomme coeur for my keys, framboise cles, lavender ludlow, bronze agenda pm. I'm using my mandarin epi pochette as a makeup case.
  12. All over the place is beautiful. I love it!

    Keep it coming ppl. We love obsessing!:p
  13. I like VARIETY. The other day I had my Mono Sac Squash, white MC ipod holder, my Damier billfold wallet and my black MC wapity. Everything looks so good together, although ,matching can be nice too
  14. Thanks for sharing, Mattd7474! You are a certifiable LV accessory addy.:supacool: lol
  15. Please ppl I need some serious enabling! Maybe I should move over to Hermes... :s