complaining neighbors!!!

  1. I am looking for opinions. I will try to give the short version.

    We live in a nice neigborhood, houses are each on 2 acres. the land goes more front to back than wide.

    I have 2 small children who play outside usually on the opposite side of the house of this particular neighbor.
    We have been the friendliest with "them" of any neighbor although there children are all grown. She is always complaining of the noise of the neighbors on their opp side, things they do, cars going too fast or thier radios. a new neighborhood going in up the street,
    just EVERYTHING.

    Guess what? we put a pool in. We have 2 neices and nephews as well as our 2 children. they can be noisy
    not that noisy. I always tell them that there is no need
    for yelling to have fun.

    We have HUGE trees that seperate our yards as well as
    quite a bit of land. well first her husband called, then today she came over and said she is hurt and we are obtrusive. she said we should of thought of them when putting in the pool and wants to know what we are going to do about it!

    We are currently working with a landscape architect to
    do the plantings and of course we will consider adding more large trees.

    My kids aren't even in the pool that much!

    O.k. honest opinions
  2. Your neighbor sounds like the complainer in the neighborhood. Do your other neighbors mind so much? I feel like every neighborhood has one of those and there's nothing you can do. I live in a house that's like 1000 sq feet, so your huge land sounds more than enough to cancel out the noise.

    What part of the country do you live in? If it's somewhere that's warm only in the summer, then you can tell her that the pool will only be used for a couple of months. Maybe this will make her happier. But I wouldn't go out of my way.
  3. I don't understand why your neighbor thinks that you have to take their opinion into consideration. It's your lot, and you happen to have children and a pool. It's not like you're throwing outrageous parties, your letting kids be kids. If you're worried about it, ask her what she thinks you ought to do to make it agreeable for both sides. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it, you're not doing anything wrong.
  4. I remember seeing a story on the news about ppl like this. There is no way that those kids are that loud with that much land separating you. And unless they are crying, I don't find little kid noises that bothersome unless I'm trying to sleep (at which point they should probably be asleep too). I say ignore her, and the next time she comes to you tell her (politely if you wish but I probably wouldn't) those children are doing absolutely nothing harmul to her. You can throw in for good measure that if she has such sonic hearing, perhaps she should invest in earplugs. Ugh I hate complainers!!!!!
  5. we will only be in the pool during the summer/NE climate.

    being on 2 acres plus the fact all the other kids are older we don't really see our other neighbors much.
  6. No, you should not take them into consideration when doing normal, reasonable things to your home. I feel sorry for someone who does not delight in the noises of kids in a pool. Ignore them, let them call the police and have the police come and tell them that you are not doing anything wrong. You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your neighbors.
  7. I saw that same program. In fact, the complaining neighbors were actually suing the people with the pool. Bizarre. She's hurt that you guys didn't consult her before putting a pool in? Ask her if she thinks you need to consult her before you pass gass, too!:roflmfao:
  8. Is she president of the Neigborhood Association (or does she like to think that she is)?
  9. lol. I agree.

    What are you going to do about it? Sometimes there's a neighbor like that who's constantly complaining. If the houses were closer then I can imagine how the noise can be. I'd just tell my kids not to scream, that's all.

    We used to live in a condo when my DD was 1 year old. My unit was on the top floor equivalent to 2 smaller ones underneath us. This lady kept knocking on my door, complaining that she could hear everything, including the sound of luggage being rolled across the carpeted floor. I was polite with her, saying that we'll do our best, but when she finally said, "You know, most families live in the cul-de-sacs. Most people who live here don't have kids." I was livid.:cursing: I told her, "I own my unit as much as you own yours. I'm not selling it." I never spoke to her again. The couple living in the other unit under me told me not to pay attention to that lady and not to incur extra expenses (like added insulation to my floors) for her.:p
  10. You owe your neighbor nothing. She sounds like the type of person who has no life and is going to try to find fault with anyone she can. You are on 2 acres, that is more than enough land to not disturb her in any way. My one friend lives on one acre and her house has a pool, pond and basketball court. The noise does not bother her neighbors. I would plant a nice hedge or something so you don't ever have to look at her face again......Sound like the type of neighbor who will spy on you to see what she can complain on.....
    Let your kids have fun, they will only be young once and anyone who think children's laughter is too loud is a sick person.....
  11. my neighbor and I are in the same kind of house/land situation. They have a pool and two small children who enjoy the pool. If we are in the den, we can't hear them. However, my dogs bark constantly when they go in their yard. Oh well. dogs bark/kids scream. we are even.
  12. I agree, everyone has that one neighbor that has nothing better to do than gripe. Don't consult her and just avoid this miserable lady. I wouldn't bother even looking in her direction, much less a friendly greet. She would have eventually found something to complain about.
  13. Good advice here! ITA there are people out there who are not happy unless they're *****ing about something, anything.

    And you have a wonderful home, happy kids, nieces and nephews enjoying summer! So ignore mrs. cranky pants!!
  14. thanks guys for the opinions. The way she came at me this morning, really made me feel like we were at fault for not putting up more trees. Remember you can't even see there house the existing trees are so large!

  15. I say she is nuts. Buy some earplugs and leave them at her door!

    I have MAJOR neighbor issues, however im the complainer and rightly so. I live on a military base and my neighbors are HORRIBLE. So horrible the cops on base have been called on them numerous times.

    I have one story after another on how horrible they are.

    Your neighbor does not sound justified in her complaining of you though! And I think you need to ignore and avoid her as much as possible.

    Is she at the point of harassing you yet?

    Keep us updated!!!