complaining about my sephora order... =(


Feb 12, 2007
so my bf helped me order the tokidoki for smashbox mirror off the sephora website...and it was us price $32. today i went to check my order status and i saw that the canadian price for the mirror was $44!!

i was surprised at the price difference because thats a whole $12 difference! like $32 dollars for a compact mirror is not cheap, but now i have to pay $44 dollars for it!! now thats expensive!!

i really dont know why it's that much more than the us price either...becuase i also ordered some other products and they were only ~$3 more, in the canadian price. and the weird (but nice) thing was, i also ordered the smashbox try me set and it was $27cnd (us $29)

so i just wanted to rant about the big price difference on the mirror and how it just makes no sense to me. like right now the canadian dollar is so good, i dont see why the mirror is $44!!!

my bf said maybe its because Canada didnt sell the tokidoki for smashbox stuff, but they did!! so its not becasue it's exclusive to the usa that its so xpensive !

i just dont get it =(

chanel princess

Aug 25, 2006
sephora does not price their products. the individual brands that sell their products at sephora do that. this means that if there is a product on that sells in the canadian stores, you must pay canadian pricing for the product. when the tokidoki for smashbox came out, i think it was around february this year, canadian prices wasn't anywhere near parity and so smashbox priced the product of the mirror at $44 (same price for shoppers drug mart).
if canadian sephora's don't sell the products on, then you get to pay exchange rate prices. i know it sucks and it annoys me too. what you can do is to e-mail the individual brands to complain about their pricing. i know that many clients complained about juice beauty pricing a while back and that is why the entire line was marked down to a lower price around the beginning of summer.