Compilation of coupons that can be used for day after Xmas sales

  1. Ok folks..I'm going to start a compilation thread for day after Xmas are some that have already been posted on this forum (i'll thank those who have contributed) and some that I'll be posting myself.

    Here goes...

    MACY'S-additional 15% or 10% off.

    LOEHMANN's-additional 20% or 30% off.$HjAHw8xzKt/doc.html?

    Saks outlet 25% off all items
  2. 3x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks for posting.
  4. Thank you!
  5. thign i forgot...the loehmann's coupon has a hidden additional 10% off coupon if you go through the links.
  6. Thanks So Much!
  7. I found a loehmann's $25 off any purchase in people's stylewatch! you guys should def check that out~
  8. I think the Macy*s site is down...I can't access any of the coupons, and I can't even get to their homepage.