Competition is off - I'm buying whatever I like!

Feb 26, 2008
Hi first reaction to the title of this thread was WHAT??????!!!!!!:wtf:

But I totally understand, new bags are necessary when so much food is now banned :nuts:

I found out a while ago that I'm lactose intolerant, which wasn't a total surprise as dairy is linked to excema which I had badly as a child. Also some things I don't like (yoghurt) or would not have much of (masses of cream), but I love to have cereal for breakfast, & I do like my cheese :drool:. However I have got around the cereal by having soya or rice milk, & checking there's no milk products in the actual cereals (you'd be amazed), & I just have a little goat cheese every now & again. It's worht checking out some of the "free from" range in the supermarket. I feel so much better cutting out as much lactose as I can, though I try not to be too obsessive. My diet is now fairly fat free by nature; I'm sure you'll get used to your new diet really quickly & start feeling much better. And just think of all the new clothes you'll have to buy:nuts::nuts:
Nov 1, 2008
Sunny Manchester!!
Wow, I have been having to do extra work (terribly upsetting!!) and have been going to bed early instead of reading TPf posts! SJ you are going to be so healthy, you must be relieved that it is a controllable condition. If you are up against such a spartan regime then you jolly well deserve to have as many bags as you wish. You need a treat when you have had a shock, I hope the doc prescribed regular shopping as a balm for the nerves! You go girl, it wouldn't be the same without your adventures at SM. xxx


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
^^Latest adventure will be tomorrow, weather permitting.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. DH has been having a great time with lots of 'how galling' type of jokes! He does like a play on words.

I know I'm going to have spells where I'm desperate for chocolate or cheese or a big slice of cake but I'm going to give it my best shot. And tomorrow I'm going to make myself feel much better with a lovely new Mulberry.


Dec 13, 2006
Sorry to hear the news from the Docs but hopefully things will improve and soon you won't even miss all the forbidden foods.

I think you've missed a bag from your list..... ;)
May 7, 2007
The whole collection would have changed by the time SJ gets back from SM today I expect!

I'm actually excited to see what you come back with SJ!!!!! I bet its a Mabel!


Mar 1, 2006
I noticed that missing bag in the list too, SJ - looking forward to see if there are any possible replacements at shepton today.

How I wish we had something similar in Sweden - or that the outlets finally would cave and ship overseas, lol