Compeed Coldsore Patches?

  1. Has anyone tried these? Do they work? I've just researched them and the theory sounds good - using woundcare technology, rather than anti-viral. Website here:

    As I sit here with a coldsore under my nose, the size of a small tomato, I am really hoping to hear good feedback here. Then I will rush out in the morning and buy some! :yahoo:

    Any experiences please? :yes:
  2. No-one used these then? :shrugs:

    Been out and got some anyway. Hope they work... :sad:
  3. Errrrr, I think they sell something similar to this in Germany . I don't get cold sores, so I don't know anything about this...sorry!
  4. When I feel itching coming on before the cold sore is full blown, I use an ice pack.. it really helps, it feels like it cancels out the cold sore. HTH.
  5. Thanks ladies. Well, I bought some and am trying them. They take a while to get the hang of applying (got through 4 before one stuck properly, my fault though). We'll see...
  6. I saw someone wearing them and it looked quite obvious I'm sorry I'm telling you this after you bought it already maybe she just didn't apply it right.

    L-Lysine is an amino acid that fights the cold sore virus take it on a daily basis to prevent outbrakes & speed up recovery it is pretty successful you should try that also avoid peanuts and (sorry!) Choclate as they feed the virus and increase the risk of an outbrake.
  7. I would love to know how this worked?
  8. LabelAddict: I agree about the L Lysine - it usually works for me, though I only take it when I feel 'the tingle'. It def speeds up healing though. This time, in spite of taking Lysine and applying Zovirax cream, I couldn't stop it from growing into a giant monstrosity below my nose :yucky:

    I used them yesterday, but it did take me a few wasted ones to get the patch to stick on without curling at the edges. Today, I got it on right first time. I do agree that they are fairly obvious, though no worse than the actual coldsore. The manufacturers say you can apply makeup over the patches, but I think this would look wrong - and you would get lifting when the patch needed changing (8 hours according to instructions, but I see lifting of the patch before that).

    The theory makes sense to me - that to treat the sore like a wound, i.e. using hydrocolloid keeps the wound moist, thereby preventing scabbing/scarring. I just think I got to this monster too late.

    I will apply a patch immediately I feel that dreaded tingle next time. :sad:

    LabelAddict, I didn't realise I had to take L-Lysine prophylacticly(sp?) every day? I will do from now on - even though the tablets are the size of a small shoe - and dry to get down :yucky:

    p.s. No chocolate???!!!! :crybaby:
  9. ^ yep sorry no choccy.

    You don't need to take L-Lysine every day if you don't want to but it should help reduce the frequency & severity of the coldsore if you do. You may find that a 500mg is ok as an everyday dose and 1000mg if you get a coldsore but everyone is different so play a round with the doseage to see what is right for you.

    As long as it's a tablet there shouldn't be any problem cutting it into smaller pieces also taking it with a fizzy drink can help as the bubbles in the drink will attatch themselves to the tablet and help carry it down your throat on the liquid (like surfing!!)
  10. I'll do the L-Lysine every day - I just wish they came in a 'smooth surface' formula. They are huge and very dry, they lodge in my throat and I am good at taking tabs usually!

    The no-chocolate rule is a step too far :wtf:
  11. I have tried the Compeed cold sore patches and they work great! I discovered these while I was in the UK. They are available in daytime and nightime. They heal fever blisters and cold sores faster than anything I have ever tried and you do not have the inconvenience of reapplyingn something throughout the day. You can also put concealer or foundation on these! I highly recommend!
  12. I usually use the compeed patches when i have a cold sore because they do seem to stop the sore from spreading.. but the opposite happened last time i used it!
    i had the cold sore on my lip, so i applied a patch. the next day it had spread to the skin above my lip, so i also put a patch there and the day after that the entire area underneath the patch was covered in cold sore! it looked like the patch helped spread the virus... not cool!
    btw, does anyone else cut up the patches because they're too big and expensive to put a full patch on every time?
  13. Hi,

    I am also currently using the Compeed patches, I'm only on day 2 so can't be sure how well they are working yet but at least it is covered so not as painful.

    I know you said you take Lysine when you get an outbreak, but I take one tablet every day and I get WAY less cold sores than what I used to. I used to get about one a month, and now I only get them maybe once a year when I'm really tired and run down or if my lips get sunburnt. Then when I do get one I take heaps of tablets but I definitely recommend taking it once a day to prevent getting them in the first place.

    Hope that helped!

  14. Has anyone tried valacyclovir or acyclovir? They both require a prescription but if taken right at the onset of a cold sore they can make them go away before they get any bigger.