Style Comparisons of Milano bags, Ball & Pyramid Styles

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  1. Compliments of member TDL:

    Has anyone noticed that BV brought back the original Pyramid bag? Well, more like a new improved version that would be good news to OP fans out there.


    Comparison: (re-issued vs. new Pyramid)

    1. Shoulder strap: RP is not woven, longer and adjustable. NP is woven on top & not adjustable.
    2. Rings: RP has woven rings like the Sloane (LOVE THIS!). NP has brass rings.
    3. Size: RP is a tad taller. NP is a bit wider. Dimensions for BV site below.
    4. Price: HUGE difference... RP $1580, NP$2250

    RP = 11.3 x 11.7 x 7
    NP = 12.5 x 10.5 x 6.6
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    This thread will serve as a quick reference to the differences between the Ball styles: Original Ball, New Ball, and Ball #3.
    I am compiling it from previous threads and member pictures.
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    Old (Original) Ball

    Integrated strap in the classic style. The strap is not intrecciato.

    Bunkie's Original Bell in Nero:

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    New Ball: Introduced in 2007

    Info from member couturequeen

    "New" Ball (2007) in Camel

    Goldtone rings on straps

    Suede lining and includes mirror and removable interior suede bag

    Measures 15'' x 8''

    8'' drop (fits over shoulder)


    Spendalot's Carmino New Ball:
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    Third Version of the Ball:

    Integrated strap appears again, this time fully intrecciato.
    Size: Length 15" x Height 8" X Depth 6" Handle Drop 8"

    Pictures from member The Luxe Purse, shown in Elephant from F/W 2009


    ball3elephant.jpg ball3model.jpg
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    Thread in progress...

    There are two bags that BV has named the Milano.

    The most recent bag, a tote style, was introduced in the F/W 2009 season:
    Zip top closure
    Suede lining with zip and cell phone pockets


    newMilano.jpg newmilanonero.jpg
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    Here is the "Old" Milano bag. This bag was believed to be introduced in 2006-2007. It is more of a Bowler style that came in 2 sizes.

    Uluru Red old Milano Bag, smaller of the two sizes. Picture courtesy of TDL

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