comparison sc bb vs. speedy empreinte 25

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  1. hi friends! I would like to see a comparison between the sofia coppola bb bag and the speedy empreinte 25. any pics and probably mod pics? I really would appreciate it! thanks in advance!😘
  2. I don't have any pics, but from experience at the store, the bb was quite small compared to the 25. I prefer hand carry for the speedy so both felt very small to me. They looked great crossbody thought! The next size up in the sc was bigger than the speedy 30- too big for my frame/taste.

    Like goldilocks- I had to take the 30, it was "just right" :P

    Good luck with your decision!!

  3. thAnk you for your input! I have the 25 empreinte and thinking about the sc bb! just wanted more infos! thanks again!!😘