Comparison pics - Outremer, Sapphire and Cyclade

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  1. Mods, feel free to move. I was not able to start a new thread in the reference section.

    So anyway, I decided to take a few quick shots of Outremer, Sapphire and Cyclade to compare them. The pics aren't great and don't capture the depth of color of these bags. Outremer has more purple undertones, Cyclade is a deeper turquoise and sapphire is a bit brighter. But I thought they might be usefule nonetheless.

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  2. Stunning pics and bags nonetheless :biggrin:
  3. Love them alll!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. thank you! :drool::drool::drool: worthy
  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
  6. beautiful outremer!
  7. Great comparison pics, especially of outremer and cyclade.
  8. these are great photos. thank you for these comparison pics.
  9. These are gorgeous pictures! I am really loving Outremer.