Comparison pics of Sandstone PT and City inside

  1. I thought I would hurry and take pics while I have both of these bags in my posession, so everyone can see the size relation of the part time and city. I also took off the straps and compared them. Enjoy!
    comparisonsidebyside.jpg comparisonstraps.jpg comparisontop.jpg
  2. WOW! PRETTY! Which one are you keeping?
  3. The part time. The city just isn't big enough for me. Plus, I love the longer handles and longer strap on that part time.
  4. I'm glad you picked that one because the leather on that one is TDF! CONGRATS!!!! I can't wait until I get my Sandstone Work!
  5. The part time is TDF
  6. Wow. I didn't know there's a slight variatio in the colors of the two. Both are gorgeous!
  7. thank you so much for posting those pics - i just got an anthra PT and it's such a different shape for me, but the long strap is awesome (need a hands free bag w/ 2 boys!). i thought i should have gotten the city, but seeing these pics clinches the deal - i'm keeping the PT! thanks!!;)
  8. Yea!! I think the PT is gorgeous in Sandstone!! :drool:
  9. love the colour.
  10. Both are gorgeous but I love the Part Time. The longer strap is fabulous.
  11. You girls are torturing me with the sandstone. Great comparison pics, thank you. What did you do w/ the city? Hee heee heee. Post pics wearing your new part-time!
  12. I totally understand. I have two toddler boys and the hands-free part is sooo important. Also, the biggest problem with the city, and what you can't tell from these photos is that it is not deep enough. The extra few inches on the part time helps so much.

    Shasta - I put the city up on eBay. I tried to love her, she has the most scrumptious leather imaginable, but my part time is more useful.
  13. Ooh wow, your pics have really been the first to tempt me with Sandstone! GORGEOUS and I loooooove the Part Time. It's the new City. :graucho: I will never ever give up my old Cities but I think from here on out, it's PT for me!
  14. Great pics! Love the PT and sandstone.
  15. [​IMG]

    Great pics and sandstone is FAB~~It really depends on individual, for me i will keep the city as i think the size is big enough for my daily use. But PT size looks a bit longer, that's why it can stuff more as compared to city....since u have decided on PT, then jus let go to other since u have two similar styles but same colors.....:p :p