Comparison Pics Of RM Midi and other styles

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  1. First are a bunch of pics I just took of the RM Midi with a WTM Midi. I can also take more pics of it compared to the WTM, TME and LM full size and Hold Me if anyone wants them. I hope these help! I know it's hard to purchase a new bag sight unseen!

    Side by side; wtm midi (l) and rm midi (r)

    wtm midi on top of rm midi

    rm midi on top of wtm midi

    bottoms; rm midi on top, wtm midi on bottom (sorry this one is blurry)

    bottoms again; wtm midi on top, rm midi on bottom

    More pics coming...
  2. My daily stuff:

    Inside the wtm midi:

    Inside the rm midi (has more room inside)

    top view of insides w/ my stuff in the rm midi

    another side by side view

    last view wtm midi on top of rm midi from side

    Anyone else who owns a RM or RM Midi feel free to post your comparison shots too. I know how helpful this can be to find pics all in one spot quickly! :o)
  3. Pics from another thread:

    rm midi (l), wtm midi (r), wtm in back

    l to r: rm midi, wtm, wtm midi

    l to r: rm midi, tme, lm
  4. Comparison picture of RMM and LMM

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  5. Thank you SO SO much tloveshim and crazybagmo for these comparison pics. It's so hard to gauge the size of these bags based on measurement on website alone.

    I initially thought the RM Midi is similar size to the regular size LM. After seeing your pics, I now have a better idea because I have WTM Midi to compare it to. Again, thank you for taking your time to take these very helpful pictures.
  6. TL - thanks for the great pics. I wasn't bowled over by the Rock Me in teh beginning but I love how your midi looks.
  7. Np! I'm glad it's helpful. Also, I thought that the Rock Me bags had a clip to attach the BE tags as opposed to the RMM bags which had the chains to attach the tags but looking at everyone's bags, it looks like some of the RM bags have the chains too.

    I thought this was a RMM but it's a RM

    Somehow the RM doesn't look as large in her video as it does in some pictures. Anyway, the more pics of the bag available, the easier it is to decide if the RM or RMM is right for you!
  8. The RM Midi is definitely closer in size to the TME Midi, WTM Midi and LM Midi! RaeBelle pointed out that the RM Midi is larger in cubic inches than the TME Midi but smaller than the LM Midi. There is more room in a RM Midi than the WTM Midi but the RM Midi does not 'feel' bigger since it's not significant. Anyone who finds the midi sizes work for them will find that the RM Midi would work as well. I think my pic above is deceptive (the TME, LM and RM Midi) so I'll get some additional pics to show the size differences.
  9. great comparison pictures, thanks for posting, it helps a lot!
  11. ^^ You got it, Moonie! :okay:
  12. Sorry for the delay. Got another bad storm on the way here and getting ready for it!

    WTM full size (l) compared to RM Midi (r) side by side

    LM full size (l) RM Midi (r)

    RM Midi top, LM full size bottom

    TME full size (l) RM Midi (r)

    TME full size bottom, RM Midi top
  13. Thanks for all the comparison pics ladies. VERY helpful!

    TL if I may ask, could you add side by side pictures of both you Whisper to Me's?

    Do any of you ladies have both a full size I am Beautiful and full size Whisper to Me? I would love to see side by side pics of those too. I want get a good idea of how big they really are. Do you girls think these bags would be too big as a travel bag?(you know, for a shortie like me. :P)
  14. Sure thing!
  15. Pics of aubergine full size WTM and mottled gold WTM Midi



    My WTM in aubergine feels like a big bag to me but I believe it's because it's a more structured style and the aubergine leather hasn't completely softened yet. If it were really up to me, the perfect size would be inbetween the full size and midi! But I am happy with both and use them easily. I really, really love aubergine sheen leather and adore my mottled gold wtm midi! Such pretty bags!