Comparison pics of Laila

  1. After seeing all the reveals I am looking at perhaps getting a Laila for myself.
    Anyone has both the Black and Slate and could take a comparison photo?
    Which one do you like better and why?
    Alot of ladies worried that the Laila is too big, but I am worried it's not big enough!
    Thanks ladies :smile:
  2. Search the site bc there are bunch threads on this already...some from yesterday as well.
  3. Yes yes I saw some pics on their own, would love to see a side by side photo if anyone has both colors. I really want to see how dark the Slate is in comparison to the black.
  4. I called my local outlet in Aurora last night & the SA said that there are no more Slate Laila's in the system. They're all sold out! :-/ I'm guessing eBay is the only place to get one now.
  5. I have both the black and slate. I'll post a pic this evening.
  6. Slate and black Lailas...
  7. drooooooooool!!!
  8. I love the gray color and texture of the leather!!! So pretty!
  9. The slate is the one I wished I had. When I first saw it on the Spring Preview site, I was like "wow". But unfortunately it's too big for me. I'm envious of all those that have a Laila.
  10. I actually like the black better! Thanks for posting :smile: