Comparison PICS of Ivory + Cinnamon Part Time Pics

  1. These aren't my bags, they are my Mom's and I don't think she is keeping either of them. She doesn't like the Part Time at all and she doesn't like the GH hardware either so I'm sure they will both be exchanged or returned but I went over to take pics of them. She loves my mastic so bet she ends up with that one, we shall see. She is very fussy, much more so than I am.
    I was unable to capture the real color of cinnamon no matter what I tried. It looks MUCH lighter and redder than it is. It isn't anywhere near are reddish as it appears in the pictures.
    It's much darker and reminds me of Cafe only a little lighter and a little more brownish red. I don't like the Part Time either. I tried it in Miami and liked it, I didn't like it all all today. The strap wanted to slip off and it hung funny. It looks a lot better carried by the handles but I like a strap too and it looked horrible on me when carried that way.
    Now for Ivory. This color is extremely hard to capture. It's kind of two toned. Daphne described it as the color of the popcorn flavored jelly bean and I think that is pretty accurate. It has a 2 toned, multi dimensional effect and it doesn't look like a yellowed white but I hated it with the giant GH. I think it would be very pretty in a City with regular hardware. Both had fabulous leather but the Ivory was really specatacular. Like silk, very, very nice.
    I took pictures of it with my white and my natural to compare. My white City is not a white white. The towel that I used is paper white. My City is from f/w '06 and the whites were more of an off white with a little gray in them for that season.

    Cinnamon Part Time in sunlight, you can see how the clor varies with even the slightest change in the angle of the sun, however to the naked eye, it was not any of these colors. I held it up to the pictures and it is much darker, not nearly as reddish:


    Ivory Giant Hobo: Inside with flash and this is probably closest to the most accurate represention of the color.

  2. Thanks powderpuff for the awesome comparison pics! I still haven't seen ivory IRL, and these pics are great. I'm not sure that I like it with GGH either; it just looks too blingy and yellow. Btw, your white city looks gorgeous!
  3. More ivory pictures compared to white and natural. I put natural in the mix to show how light the Ivory bag is.

  4. the cinnamon looks really nice! I love the PT... too bad your mum not keeping it!
  5. That ivory really is delicious... gorgeous. :smile:
  6. Thanks yet again for the great comparison pics, powder!!
  7. great pics, I always love all the photos you do with comparison shots
    the ivory really does look like a popcorn jelly belly (one of the worst flavors ever created - that could ruin the color for me if I had to think about that!)
    are you/your mom going to try these colors in another style? I really like cinnamon.
  8. your comparison pictures are always so helpful. thanks!!
  9. Powder : Nice color....the leather is TDF....congrats!
  10. Sienna is really gorgeous. I saw one in person with SGH, *almost* made me buy it right away :smile:
  11. Thanks, pp100, for the comparison pics! As I've not seen majority of the FW 07 colors IRL, it always help to see how colors compare to similar ones from previous seasons...
  12. Thanks for the comparison pics! Great collection u have~
  13. Thanks powder for the comparison pics. I agree that it does look like the buttered popcorn jelly bean, LOL.
  14. Look at that leather! Wow! Thanks for the pics.
  15. Oh pooh! For some reason no pictures are showing up!! I have had this problem now for a couple of days!! Powder can you pm me with those pics...please? :tender: I wanna see!!