Comparison pics of different sized Venetas and Campanas

  1. A couple of my pfrm sisters have mentioned that they would like to see some comparison pics of the different sized venetas and campana's so I thought I'd post this information in a new thread, just in case anyone else is interested. Please feel free to add any other comparison pics such as sloane/pyramid or any other BV bags that you have.

    The bags used in this thread and their sizes (across and from the top of the zipper section) are as follows

    Medium Ebano Veneta (16"W x 10" H)
    Large Carmino Veneta (19.5" W x 13" H)
    Maxi Stud Veneta (22.5" W x 16" H)

    Medium Ebano Catalano Campana (13.5" W x 9")
    Large Nero intreccatio Campana (15.5"W x 10.5")
    bottega comparison 001.jpg bottega comparison 002.jpg bottega comparison 003.jpg bottega comparison 005.jpg
  2. The campana's medium and large, plus a pic of medium veneta next to a medium campana.

    bottega comparison 004.jpg bottega comparison 007.jpg bottega comparison 006.jpg
  3. Syma thanks for the great comparison pics :tup:

    Part of me is chuckling that after such a BV-crazy year some of us have the ability to post such comparison shots :sweatdrop: but mainly I'm thinking your pics are SO COOL!! :happydance::biggrin:
  4. Thank you blugenie! ITA with you if you think I need help!:upsidedown:
  5. i love your collection you have gorgeous bv bags :heart::love:
  6. syma, you are AMAZING for putting this together!!

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  7. This is a great reference thread to have around. Thanks, Syma!
  8. You have BEEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL bags!
  9. Syma, thank you so much for the information. Your collection is gorgeous. You have all the must have pieces. :tup:
  10. thanks syma for the pics - really useful and i love that maxi veneta. you got such a fab deal on it too. your entire collection is tdf !
  11. Syma, I think you've got all the dark classic colours covered. And of course also the most beautiful red ever. Can you say BEAUTIFUL??!

    Thanks for posting the comparison shots.
  12. you are such a gem syma...this sub-forum is so much richer with you :flowers:

    great thread...many thanks!

  13. Syma,the comparison pics are wonderful. I have a question about the campana sizes...which do you prefer to use? I remember reading a post saying the magnetic closure on the medium can be hard to close because the contents inside tend to make it difficult for the magnets to meet up...whereas the larger size allows stuff to fall to the bottom and leaves more empty space at the top allowing the magnets to meet. I hope this makes I'd really love your opinion...TIA Happy New Year!
  14. Hi, Syma, I love your collection!! And you took such nice pictures (like how they would be displayed at a store). Thanks for this!:yes:
  15. oohh Syma, these pics are so helpful, thank you!!
    wish this sub-forum had a stickied BV reference thread, don't you think?