Comparison pics of 07 City GSH Leather VS 08 Work GSH Leather - HTH!

  1. Both black color. I was able to take pics of the 08 Black GSH Work that I got which later on exchanged for an 07 Black GSH City. I notice a big difference in the leather so I think it will help. Take note that the 08 pics were taken with 10MP camera while the 07 pics were taken with a 5MP camera, also you may notice a difference with lighting, but I think these shows the difference really well. Personally, I prefer the 07 leather since it is thicker, but I know some may prefer the more veiny 08 leather. But then, I heard there are leather variations with the style as well regardless of the year, so this is just to illustrate the difference between these specific types of bags.

    First 07 City leather...


    Then here is 08 Work leather...


    Again here is 07 leather...


    Then lastly 08 leather...

    07Leather.JPG 08Leather3.JPG 07Leather2.JPG 08Leather4.JPG
  2. Great comparison pic and good call making the exchange! I looooooove the leather on your new city. Enjoy!!!!
  3. I like them both, I think the veiny leathers look better on certain colours. Maybe lighter colours so the veins don't look so white ? However I must say I do like that veiny black work... and the smooshy city... ahhh i'm confused :confused1: LOL.
  4. Wow- you CAN really see a difference. I would have made the same choice that you did. :tup: