Comparison pics between Ciao Ciao and Campeggio?

  1. I feel really bad starting another thread but I have too many questions! As title really, does anybody have any pictures with a Ciao Ciao and a Campeggio in it? Thanks in advance if you can help :heart:
  2. You might finds pics in the thread "the Great Bag Reference Post" ... it's one of the stickies in the forum.
  3. I did have a look through the thread but couldn't find a picture of Ciao Ciao and Campeggio in the same picture. :smile:
  4. If I get my campeggio before the end of the week, it shipped today, I'll do a comparison photo for you!
  5. Hi! Here's a comparison pic - print - L'Amore


    If you need more pics, just let me know. The Campeggio and Ciao Ciao is very different as you can tell. I love them both but I mainly use my Ciao Ciao for daily outings and my Campeggio when I am travelling.
  6. Thank you very much for the offer socprof81, and thanks a million for the picture pinkpeony! :smile: I think I am going to order a Ciao Ciao. It looks like it would look smaller than the Campeggio when folded over... if it would be possible do you think you could do a pic with the Ciao Ciao folded? I think that is probably how I would wear it. If it's too much trouble that's OK but as you offered! ;) Thanks so much :smile:
  7. No prob, gimme a sec.

    Here you go :

  8. i LOVE you're amore ciao ciao!!!
  9. Thank you so much pinkpeony! I agree with pandanoir, it looks gorgeous in l'amore :heart: I think I'm in l'amore with l'amore! :smile:
  10. Thanks girls! Yes, L'Amore is absolute darling. That explains my L'Amore collection :

    Ciao Ciao (2!)
    Bambinone (just got this!)
  11. Wow! *dies of envy at your collection* :tup:

  12. bambinones are great! I think of bambinos like little bambinos.