Comparison Pics! Anthracite w/black

  1. Here they are! Anthracite and black side by side, inside with flash and next to an open door. The anthracite REALLY changes in the sunlight - it is like a black ink! :love: it!

    Anthracite work and black city w/GH with flash indoors:

    Anthracite work and black city w/RH facing an open door:

    Close up of leather in same area as pic #2:

    The antracite color is really TDF! I :heart: it!
  2. Great pictures!!! That comparison helps to get an idea of anthracite IRL. Thank you so much and congrats on your awesome bag!
  3. awesome pics. that really does show the difference between the two, i would say side by side the anthracite looks NOTHING like black but on its own you could mistake it for black in low light.
  4. Thank you for the comparison pics. On my computer screen at the office, it's actually difficult to distinuish between the two. I will look again when I get home. Overall, I think that antracite will be a great color!!
  5. You said it perfectly! ITA!
  6. totally agree with that!!! i looked at mine last night and it kinda looked like black and then i took out the black city and compared the 2 and they look nothing alike. i do love my anthracite
  7. Thanks for the comparison. It does look different next to black. I would love to see one IRL.
  8. Wow! Love it! Thanks for the comparison pixies, so great of you to do that. Your bag's a beauty. Congrats!

    I've decided to get it in a first, she'll hopefully be here Wed. morning. She'd better because I am catching a flight later in the night, yikes, can't keep doing things like this 'cos my heart can't take it. I'm not going to be able to sleep till I have her!!
  9. ^^ oops forgot to say Congrats!!!!!!!!
  10. yup, i really love the way anthracite changes colors depending on the light. this morning on the way to work it looked like it had blue in it that i didn't see before!
  11. If I were looking to get a dark colored bbag I'd get that instead of black :yes: They look verrrrry similar to me in the first two pics - I had trouble telling which was which! In the 3rd pic I see the difference - not too too much, but I bet she's lovely in person.

    Congrats on your beauty!
  12. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You're an angel for posting these!!!
  13. Om my monitor it looks positvely blue in the 2nd picture. I'm holding off on this one until I see all of yours. :p
  14. I actually laid it on a navy towel earlier (trying to protect the bottom!) just because it was the closest thing around and it did take on the color of the towel. I was surprised! I think this color is a lot like Ink in that it is a chameleon... I love it more every minute! Sometimes it looks black, somtimes charcoal, sometimes kind of a teal blue, etc. :heart:
  15. congrats luxe! i love it...i must have one!