Comparison pic of outremer and bleu roi

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  1. Doran anyone have a pic of these side by side so I can can compare the colors please?
  2. Dont have any hehe but saw this IRL and really they are far from similar. Outremer is a gorgeous royal blue whereas Blue Roi is a dark blackish-purplish navy.

    There are plenty of photos in the Blues under reference section and Outremers in the Clubs section. :smile:
  3. I have a an Outremer City & a Bleu Roi from the year 2006 which is a similar to the 2010 Bleu Roi.

    Bleu Roi is a light navy color IMO with a hint of royal (very very subtle). I owned a 2010 Bleu Roi at one time. I never noticed any purple in 2010 Bleu Roi (Officier and Ink have definite purple tones in them).
    lmk if you would like a pic of 2006 Bleu Roi and Outremer.
  4. ^^hhmnnn...that must have been Officier that I saw. Thanks Magjes :smile:
  5. I have my BR and I've had an Outremer for a short while. Outremer does not photograph true to color. It definitely has purple undertones, which I don't like in my blues. I like just blue, thus I have Blue Roi. Blue Roi is a great medium blue..not too dark or too bright. Very obviously a blue.

    Ink also has purple undertones and I have seen it show in photos.

    If you are trying to compare Outremer and Blue Roi to check for the undertones, the photos won't help you much b/c the Outremer only photographs bright blue and doesn't show the purple undertone. You would really have to see the colors IRL.

    Bal has other blues. You should definitely check the color reference thread for a better idea. Good luck!