Comparison Photos: Electrice Blue & french Blue

  1. How do u think this 2 colours will compare. Do u think their similar? I have a chance to get my hands on a French Blue GGH City im seriously tempted.. Help anybody..


    Pics borrowed from TPF
  2. French Blue will always be a clear winner and highly sought after IMO!
  3. from the photo they look quite different...I think the French Blue is lighter whereas the electric is a more intense saturated blue. both VERY nice
  4. Gosh....I think both are gorgeous! This new electric blue almost reminds me of '05 Indigo! Very versatile :smile:
  5. I am going by photos only, but this new one confirms what I saw a while back, especially if you look at the left-most bag. I don't quite get the "electric" aspect, but EB seems to be darker than FB, and vibrant but not eye-poppingly bright. I really like it and would like it even if it turns out to be brighter. I say that because a lot of times photos can tone down the brightness of FB, too.

    I recently bought a pair of shoes from the fall Balenciaga collection, and the box describes them as "fluor Elektra." They are darker than FB when compared side by side, and very bright. I wonder where they fall in the spectrum? They are sort of what I originally expected would be EB.

  6. :yahoo:I am definately getting the electric Blue.
    If it is like the color on those, I love them too.:yes:
    Not sure what style yet, anybody else??
  7. Wow!!! I realllllllllllllly wish it looks like those shoes!!! :yahoo::wlae::party: I love that blue!!! :love: It just looks a little darker/brighter then FB.
    Swissflower: I'm getting a city but would love it in the first or work too! So hard to decide :shrugs: What about you?
  8. I'm confused - the photo in the first post. Which bags are electric blue and which are french blue????
  9. The bags hanging on the rack in the first post are from the upcoming spring collection. The darker blue ones you see are Electric blue and the lighter ones are Sky blue. Below that is what I assume is a photo of a French blue bag, for comparison.
  10. I think it's hard to tell by the pictures only. No matter how many (wonderful!) pics I saw of violet on tPF I didn't know it was so vibrant and bright until I saw it IRL.
  11. Ooh, I really like the sky blue then. I hadn't loved it on the little swatch, but seeing those pics, it's very pretty.
  12. Because of the fading issues the FB had, I really think you should hold out for the EB.

    Hopefully Bal has fixed the problem for the new spring colors!!!:tup:

  13. rollergirl.......these shoes are out of this world!!!! I absolutely LOVE them. Wow!
  14. I still dream about finding a French Blue City (that's not faded)... *sigh* Maybe someone one will find it's way to me.
  15. WoW! Those shoes are amazing! It would be fantastic if EB is like those shoes! That color is so rich!