Comparison Photos 04 Rose, 05 BG Pink, 05 Magenta, 08 Petal Pink & Light Magenta

  1. I received my box of goodies early this a.m. Yummy! Candy colors all around....

    Here is first photo:


    I labeled the photos!




    My most favorite bag of the bunch!!!^^^^


    Two of my favorites!!!!!^^^^



    New Jackets ^^^ One from LVR, and one from Balenciaga.

    I love the thyme! :yahoo: What can I say about that bag - I just think it is drop dead gorgeous. I like the light magenta. I'm not sure about the petal pink --- for me. I don't think it is going to work for me. I'll think about it for a day, but it may be going back. I may get something in the sahara instead. Anyway, the photos were taken on a gray day here in the Ohio Valley. No sun at all. Just another view in different lighting of the colors. :yes:
  2. They are all lovely but I waaay prefer the 05 magenta!
  3. OMG!!! OMG!!!:drool:

    That is one IMPRESSIVE 08 collection! How's the leather between the new 08s? Is it uniform? That new green is SO beautiful!!:love:
  4. Wow lovely.....,
    WOW Did you get three new bags?

    Thanks for the comparison photos. I think I'm liking the thyme too!!
  5. To me, the thyme leather is the best. It looks beautiful and feels great. The petal pink is smooth and not as "luscious" as the thyme. The light magenta is similar to the petal pink. Nothing like the 04 rose leather or 05 leather. But perhaps they would feel softer once broken in.
  6. Yummy!!! :girlsigh: Grrrrreat photos! :tup:
  7. OMG! can we see modeling photos of your new jacket coats~! love your rose! i think that's my favourite.
  8. Thanks Rosie!

    Hi Gina, yes, I got three bags, but I've been selling some bags I don't use anymore to partially fund purchases - it is silly to have so many bags sitting on shelves - I'm not talking about my Balenciagas, but other brands. I'm going to carry my thyme next. I've been carrying my blueberry city for the last several days, but I absolutely can't wait to carry the thyme!!!!
  9. 3 new bags and 2 jackets??? You are one lucky girl! I am loving the Thyme!!! I am not usually into green, but I may need to have some Thyme in my collection now. Thanks for the pics! =)
  10. WOW 'K' lovely..... :nuts: you're the greatest !!! FANTASTIC comparison pics :tup::drool: ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing :flowers::love:
    Which kind of 'pink' do you prefer yourself ????

  11. Awesome, awesome purchases!!! Wow!!! Everything's sooo beautiful!!! I'd love to see some modeling pics!! Also, do you think you can take a photo of the 08 pale magenta next to the 05 magenta??? Pretty please!!!
  12. Wow! I love your new bags and jackets! I am especially fond of the light magenta and vert thyme. Thank you for sharing with us! In your photos the colors look very rich, which I love.
  13. [​IMG]

    Def my fave of the bunch too :drool:. Although your blazers are giving it a pretty good run for the money :graucho:. I must burgle your house one day, and hopefully in the process abscond with your art deco sofa also :ninja:.
  14. wow.. thanks so much for the comparison pictures!! your bags and jackets are gorgeous!! congrats!!
  15. Girlie i am always amazed with your collections.:nuts: I love the Thyme the best and all your other older ones. :tup:;)Congrats.:yahoo: