Comparison photo ink & marine: too similar to keep both?

  1. I just received my marine city. In case anyone is considering both, here's a comparison pic. of the city with my ink purse. Marine is darker than blueberry (I think there is a comparison pic. in another thread) but not as dark as ink. Marine really looks like navy to me, although in brighter light it can appear a bit brighter with slight purple undertones.

    I love the leather on both bags. I think if I didn't already have the ink purse, I would love the marine color more. I'm trying to decide whether to try the marine for awhile or return to BalNY for credit if I still can (maybe wait for periwinkle).
  2. Marine appears to be the "bluer" version of ink. I love both, but if it was me personnally i would keep one, just because they are very similar and Bal has SO many colours to offer. I would NOT give up the ink purse, since the style is discontinued. But if it turns out you just LOVE both, keep them!!
  3. i do think it's too similar :yes:
  4. they do look too similar to keep both... but then, one is a city and the other is a purse... (i'm not helping, i know.)

    even though marine is gorgeous and i like the city style better than the purse personally, i would still have to vote ink purse if you are only keeping one, because i just looooove the ink color!!
  5. ahhh that marine looks gorgeous :drool: although they are very similar, I would keep both since one is clearly in the blue family and well, ink is in a class of it's own!! :queen:
  6. i agree, too similar....
  7. I love them both but would only keep one
  8. I think that you should choose one because the colors are so similar. Then, replace the one that you return with a different color of course!
  9. Man they are both beautiful... I could only keep one though.
  10. Too similar...sorry
    Even if the style is different it's not different enough except if you are one of those collectors of 15 and more b-bags
  11. Thanks for your honest opionions everyone! Even though I love both, I agree their too similar and I'd rather diversify since I don't keep all that many bags. I will keep the ink purse because it is a harder-to-find style.
  12. Wise girl :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. They are both lovely. My ink is purple enoug that if I got a marine bag I would keep both.
  14. :heart: beautiful bags...can't go wrong w/either...but good choice since purse style is discontinued and ink has proven to be one of many people's favorites...
    I do have the marine work and I love love love it! But then again, have never seen an ink irl close-up , just from afar and it was beautiful!
  15. If you have a small collection, those are too close in color to keep both, IMHO. Keep the Ink -- I think you'll always be able to get a dark blue, but Ink will be impossible to replace.