Comparison of wine shades: raspberry, bordeaux & tinted wine

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  1. I thought I'd share the following info. from Ignacio re: comparisons among raspberry, bordeaux, and tinted wine leathers:

    The bordeaux and raspberry leathers are structured, while the tinted wine is soft. The tinted wine is also glossier than the bordeaux and the raspberry.

    There's also a difference in color, with the tinted wine and the raspberry having more red in them than the bordeaux, and the bordeaux having more purple. The raspberry has a few lighter spots that could be considered a stronger pink factor, though they are not pink per se.
  2. Here are pics.:

    raspberry ormala
    bordeaux ormala
    tinted wine sofia
    Raspberry.JPG Bordeaux.JPG Tinted Wine.jpg
  3. That is very helpful!

    Thank you for posting!
  4. The bordeaux is......well, purple!!!! Wow! Love it!
  5. but Ignes photos are it really THAT purple?? I'm suddenly craving grape juice!
  6. You know, Euridice, you are right. In fact, that was the photo that Maria labeled as Aubergine w/ me, if I remember right.
  7. I love the raspberry color! Especially with the brushed gold hardware. Did Ignes ever get the gun metal hardware?
  8. I do LOVE that bordeaux.....yikes, I'm getting tempted now, too!
  9. I think I remember for the previous threads: bordeaux=aubergine

    Still no traces of gunmetal harware :sad:
  10. oh man, I thought I read it was available now! gunmetal that is.
  11. Oh, where has you read this? I want this harware SO much! I would be deligthed if it is available now! ( Still have in my mind the tinted blue with gunmetal HW)

  12. No Cute, did you say gunmetal is available?? Otherwise, I might have dreamt that.
  13. I asked Ignacio about gunmetal the other day and he said that it is currently not available. He said that it has been delayed for a few months.
  14. oh! It was too good to be true...:sad:
  15. Ya, I said it. I thought it was then it wasn't...but it never was, right? Sorry. I really want(ed) a raspberry Veronica with gunmetal hardware.