Comparison of Treesje pouches/cases

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  1. I've been on the hunt for some new leather cosmetic cases and pouches. There are several Treesje ones that are calling to me, but I've never seen these in person and I've seen a lot of conflicting measurements. So any pictures, comparison, recommendations, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

    Here's what I'm liking:
    Mortale Pouch -- LOVE the pattern, but is it supposed to be a cosmetic case or a wristlet type purse?
    Axle Cosmetic Case -- Worried it might be too big.
    Bowie Cosmetic Bag -- Can't find measurements.
    Krome Cosmetic Bag -- Can't find measurements.
  2. Here's the Mortale Pouch, I use it as a wristlet and it carries plenty! There are some really good pics posted (in another thread) of how much it can hold.

  3. Oh man, it is so gorgeous, I love gunmetal and I love skulls! But looking at some of the other pics, it does seem like more of a stand alone bag. Or maybe I could totally reorganize my purse stuff to justify it :P Still, it almost seems unfair to make it sit inside another purse when it is so pretty on its own. This is definitely one I'll be keeping my eye on.

    Any feedback on the Axle? I think they have a ruffle one and a round studded one that are the same size, basically a large cosmetic case. I just tell how large that really is. I'm sure it would fit fine in my RM Darling, but how about a smaller bag like the RM MAC or even BF?