comparison of the 3 classic flap size JUMBO ML SM!

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  1. I previously did a comparison thread of the maxi VS JUmbo
    and now i managed to get my HANDS on a SMALL/MEDIUM (commonly ppl just call them S/M or small) and MEDIUM/LARGE (commonly know as medium or M/L) and JUMBO
    the jumbo is caviar with GHW
    and the rest are lambskin with GHW

    here we go!



    the jumbo as you may have noticed is significantly larger!
    i hope this can give you a better idea of which size to choose from!
  2. Holy cow, I would have thought that jumbo was a maxi! Great pics!
  3. wow! could you post a maxi too?next to a jumbo ? i wanna know should i get a jumbo or a body height is 169cm
  4. thanks! pls give me your opinions, im in between two preowned bags,
    1. chanel red patent 10c jumbo #13
    2. chanel maxi red caviar #12 (im not sure which red, seller told me its kinda maroon)
    and the chanel maxi red caviar is ofcourse more #12 a little bit too old? the jumbo one is 3050usd , the maxi one is 3315. is the price too expensive?
    please help me to decide!;)
  5. i don't know about the price if it;s too expensive or not but i always pick caviar than patent any time of day, esp if it's a bigger bag
    what year is the #12?
    i got a vintage jumbo from 1996 i bought in 2007 and it still look good until now

    and for ref i'm 5'4"
  6. i think #12 is around 2009...and what i checked from internet,the price for new caviar maxi at year 2010 is the same with the price she is selling to me now :smile:
    if only had this amount of money 3years ago </3

    wow its beautiful bag! i noticed that vintage bag got a larger CC symbol
  7. i don't like maroon shade of red (i'm assuming it's dark red?)
    so i would go for red patent!
  8. Nice thread ynz, thanks. I can't believe how much bigger the jumbo is!
  9. Love comparison photo's, thanks ynz! The m/l classic lambskin is so gorgeous, I just love this bag it is so divinely luxurious!
  10. Wow gorgeous!! OP do you have all sizes of the flaps?? If so which is the size you love most and use the most?
  11. You are about same height as me&#128513; IMHO I love jumbo better than maxi due to the heaviness. Good luck with your decision&#128522;
  12. Can you add a picture of both so I can choose :smile:
  13. i dont, because i sold most of them off.. but i do like ML and mini the most fit well for my figure!