Comparison of Tan Hold Me and new Tan Whisper To Me Midi

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  1. Ladies - I have been meaning to post these pics I took a couple of weeks ago for everyone that has been asking about the difference between the old tan and new tan. I can definitely see the difference even if it doesn't show up that much in the photos. I did try to take the pics in different lights, but it was really hard to capture the tonal variations. The base shade is very similar, but the old tan has some subtle brown tones mixed in and the new tan is a beautiful tan shade with texture, but only slight tonal variations. I would say the old tan is a bit more casual and rustic. The new tan is much more feminine and can be dressed up imo. They are both gorgeous.

    That being said, I have to tell you all how much I love my tan WTM Midi. I had that style last year with a pebbled leather and let it go because I had just hurt my arm and thought it was a bit heavy. Now that I have the tan, I don't find it heavy at all. It is such a cool style, and a pretty color. The gold hardware really compliments it. I still stare at it after several weeks of wearing it. It is definitely love.:love:

    Here is my beautiful WTM Midi in the new tan -
    wtm (Medium).JPG

    Here is an old pic of the old Tan Hold Me -
    tan HM_0741 (Large).JPG

    Here are pics of them side by side -

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  2. Thanks for posting the pictures so that we can see the difference. My Tan SMM is from spring 2008, so it is like your Hold Me. I love the old tan! The new tan looks nice, but one tan bag is enough for me.

    Will you be showing us your new pewter bag soon or will we have to wait until you reach your goal?
  3. Thanks for the comparison shots! They do look similar, but I think that I can see a bit of the brown in the old tan. Both are gorgeous though!
  4. I thought I better wait to post pics when I am actually allowed to have it.:sweatdrop: I will say that I don't find the pewter blingy at all. I love it!
  5. They are both lovely but I like the style of the new tan bag best and think the colour of the older bag is more exquisite.
  6. I love them both and cannot wait to see pics of your new pewter bag...
  7. They are both beautiful, but the casual-rusticness of the old tan is really charming. Do you think the new tan will darken up a bit with use?
  8. Hmmm... good question. So far, it just looks more textured (which I like). I'll let you know. I must say that I have received way more compliments on this one than the other, but I think it is a combination of the style and the fact that the gold hardware makes it look so pretty and unique. I think the old tan is better suited to the Love Me styles because of the cool, casual look. The new tan is really nice on the WTM style with all of the hardware. I normally prefer silver hardware, but I really recommend gold with this color.

    Hedwig - I can't wait to show those pics too!
  9. thanks for the comparison suzi! i was interested to see this... i have a matte tan LM midi and i cannot get enough of the color so i was curious to see the original matte tan coloring.

    of course, what i REALLY wanted to see was your WTM midi in matte tan.... all i can say is :love: x100!
  10. Thanks for posting the comparisons!

    I have a matte tan TME midi sitting at the post office waiting and it is the new tan, b/c it was a recent bespoke. I have not seen the matte tan, so I am curious. I should be able to pick it up Saturday.

    I did buy another tan bag- an Indulge Me- that I found at a consignment store and it is being shipped to me (waiting on tracking). The IM is listed as great condition and it looked like it and it was only $100! :nuts: I thought it was a good deal to give the style a try and if I don't like it, I think I may give it to my mom, b/c she would use a tan bag.

    I'll have to compare the two tans of these bags as well, b/c the IM is an older bag and should be a different leather then.
  11. Rainydaze - I bet your bag is just as gorgeous!

    Elizat - You will have to let me know your thoughts on the two of them.

    Pixie - I was really looking the bag over today in outdoor light and I guess I can see some brown tones, but definitely not as much as in the old tan. However, I'm really loving how the leather is gaining more character as I use it. It is getting very slouchy, and dimensional. I think I will have to take another picture outside. I think it rocks!
  12. Congrats, I love your new wtm midi! The tan leather is gorgeous.

    Did I hear pewter.......for Suzi???! Can't wait to see.
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures...and congrats with your WTM midi. It's a beautiful bag!

    I really like both the Tans..each have their qualities.
    The new Tan is a bit softer, lighter and gets a nice sheen. (and it doesn't darken with time..I have a travel set since Sep/Oct last year)

    I think your Tan Hold me is getting a very nice sheen too!
    The old Tan is thicker, darker and with a bit rougher surface. It gets within time IMO a deeper glow than the newer version.

    ( JFYI-I just ordered 3 bags in the older version. I think there is enough leather for 4-5 bags more. It's under the Thick matte on BEC.)
  14. Thanks for the comparison pics, Suzi. Your new tan WTMmidi is gorgeous!

  15. Really? I bet there are a few people that will jump on that. Did Jackie ever say if she can get more? I really like both for different reasons, but it is nice for everyone to have the option.

    Thanks Maria!