Comparison of some recent blues: LE NM, 08 Turq, Skye Blue, FB & EB

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  1. Ready to OD on blues? I snapped some pics of the LE NM blue which was not much like the stunning one ladybug bought recently, but very interesting in its own way. The leather texture on it reminds me of elephant hide. Color is a cross between 05 Teal and gray. Very nice! Also snapped some shots of the 08 Turq, which surprisingly came out true to color notwithstanding my annoying camera that has a color-mind of its own. :cursing:

    LE NM:


    08 Turq, does actually look like many turquoise stones I've seen, although does not have much discernible green in it (other than in the cord on the handle).


    LE & 08 Turq:


    LE, SGH Skye Blue & 08 Turq:


    LE & SGH Skye Blue:


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  2. Finally, comparison of FB Day and EB SGH CP. They look almost identical in pics, but IRL the EB is slightly more green/warm, and the FB definitely more saturated and ironically more "electric".



  3. i'm so glad i saw this pic - it's so washed out looking, especially compared to LBug's LE. what a bummer, it's kind of boring and :tdown:
    thanks for sharing the pics "P"
  4. I can't decide if I like the NM LE blue - if it came in a day I might be sold on it.

    Thanks for the photos!
  5. What is elephant hide????
    Thanks for the awesome comparison photos!!!!
    I can't explain how much I am loving the LE- it looks like 07 aquamarine, but with more green to it. All of the other pictures of the LE i saw look so blue. I think it looks more teal in your photos and ladybugs. Just Gorgeous!!!!!!!
    Thanks again for the pictures- it helps so much for girls like myself who don't live any where near a store that carries Balenciaga!
  6. mmmmmmm I love blues!! great shots deco!! did you walk out with anything? :graucho:
  7. HUGE difference, Nicole :yes:.

    ladybug, hope you don't mind my borrowing your pic, but want to show right next the one I photographed.
    As you see, there is hardly any marbling in the color on ladybug's. Her's looks pretty saturated. But I have to say I've never seen one like hers. the one at NM Denver does not shine, it's a very understated, muted color. Although still beautiful, it's not breathtaking like ladybug's.

  8. no :cry:. But the sale is not over yet :graucho:.
  9. Thank you for doing the comparison!! Blue is my favorite color.
    I have owned many blue BBags. I have to say from my personal experience, the 07 Ocean, 06 Blue India have great yummy and thick leather. The 08 EB blue has the softest leather. Even though I love the Turquoise color, i have to say the leather is not as soft and smooth as my other blues....

    Also, I think all the BBags are pretty disappointed at Neiman Marcus Michigan because the leather are mostly dry and stiff!
  10. ^^ :lol: deco- I'll take a pic of mine with my blue india and sky blue cp, we'll see if the sky blue compares to yours and if my camera is whacked ;) I *love* my new city though :girlsigh: the other one on the shelf at NM looked like it had faded for sure. This one was hidden in the back somewhere... the "vault".
  11. I love blue!!! hehehe :smile: Thank you very much for sharing these to us decophile, your NM bag looked quite greyish compared to the one of ladybug which looks so like aquamarine in NM edition. nonetheless, they are all lovely.
  12. Thanks Decophile for sharing.........oh, I do love ladybug´s colour!!!! The other blues are quite nice too but hers has that gorgy greenish tint to it!

  13. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Besides pink, blue is my next favorite color and seeing your pictures I'm now very sure I NEED a FB something! The color is HOT!
  14. ok, to confuse matters more...

    here's my blue india day, NM LE, 08 sky blue cp:

    then mirrors:
    blue india, NM LE, sky blue

    then swapped mirror between blue india and LE:
  15. and those are outside overcast pics